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Circe Gets Some

No description

Traneah Ford

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Circe Gets Some

Circe Gets Some Come on a journey to discover more about
Odysseus, and Circes "magical" year together. It all begins when Odysseus and his men wash upon a shore... that just so happens to be Circe's island of michief and bewitching magic. Odysseus decides it's a
terrific idea to send some of his men to
inspect what's on the island. So "bravely "
Eurylochus, and other courageous soldiers
journey to find what the island holds. To their
surprise, they hear a melodious sweet voice. They think
"Omg! Who is that!?" To no surprise, they find Circe
standing at the doors of her palace. She invites them in for a drink, but smarty pants Eurylochus fears a trick. He smartly stays outside, and lucky thing he did because then Circe brewed a "drink." It wasn't just any drink though, it was a potion that caused the soldiers to then miraculously forget everything so that Circe can then turn them all to swine. Way to go, Circe.... As you can see, Eurylochus then runs off oh so "bravely" and goes to tell the others of the tragedy. As he's telling his story, a pig comes running through, and as the men were practically starving, they thought " hey let's catch it and cook it." Little did they know, the pig was one of their own, Polites, whom had escaped from the evil queen Circe. Before the men could catch him, Eurylochus realized who it was and kept the men from butchering him. Then, Odysseus, confused that such a thing could happen, decides to go see for himself what has cause all of this madness. Along his way, however Hermes, messenger of the gods, stops him to give advice. He tells Odysseus to firstly eat some moly. This is so that when Circe offers him her potion he will not be harmed. Once she realizes that the potion has no affect on him, she will be baffled and confused. Then she will ask him to retreat to her "bed of love." With that offer, Odysseus must follow, even if he doesn't want to (and we all know he wanted to). This is said to be the only way for Odysseus to survive her evil trickery. Then Odysseus continued on to Circe's place, and did exactly as Hermes told him. Just as Hermes said, Circe was baffled, and once Odysseus drew his knife she felt compelled to ask him to go to her bed with her... Circe wasn't exactly tired, however, so I'll allow you guys to fill in the blank of what occurs. Then after sleeping with Circe, finally Odysseus wants to cry.... So since poor Odysseus wept for his soldiers whom were turned to swine, Circe agreed to turn them human again. Whoa! Then she told Odysseus, "OMG! Bring your soldiers. We can have a party, and they can sleep with my maids. It'll be so fun!" (she might have said it a bit more formally than that, but that's just the gist.) So, after partying it up for about a year, finally
the soldiers decided it was best to leave( you'd think Odysseus would've thought of that). After some persuading, Odysseus asked Circe to allow them to leave. She said yes! Just kidding! She said they could leave, but they couldn't go home. No, she decided to send them on a crazy hunt in the Underworld to talk to Tiresias, a prophet. Circe gave him specific instructions of what to do once he arrived. Then, off Odysseus and his soldiers went to discover his next adventure. Adventure music!
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