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erika elizondo

on 31 January 2015

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Transcript of History

First Canned Beer
By: Olivia Hemingsworth
My story (Erika Elizondo)
My name is Olivia Hemingsworth, I was born in a ranch, in Utah. My family consisted of 6 members, my parents, 2 older brothers, my little sister and me. When the great depression first started, my older brother was ten, the other one eight, my little sister two and I was five.

As a little girl, I remember that my family was not economically stable. We had food because my family raised a big garden, but we could not afford clothes or any extra necessities. Even though we did not have money, we still lived good, I guess. I remember at one time, I do not know why, but cattle prices dropped literally to nothing. As a result of this, my parents sold our cattle to the government. We got very little amount of money for this, not even enough to buy an apple, but it was a good opportunity, and so we took it. Days later, we found out that they killed the cattle we sold them for no reason, and they didn’t even save the meat for the people who were desperate for food. At that moment, I knew that a lot of people were dying, but I knew I could not do anything about it. We moved several times to different ranches and I learned do many things. I was doing things my mom did and I was only 8 years old. This situation made me become mature at a very early age. Many people say that I didn’t have a normal childhood, that I didn’t live how I deserved, but I don’t know what to think about that.

Krueger Brewing Company release canned beers in partnership with the American Can Company in January 24, 1935. These canned beers instantly became a hit. This new lightweight canned beers first went sale at Richmond, Virginia. Compared to glass, these cans are lightweight, cheap, and easy to stack and ship. Unlike bottles, you did not have to pay a deposit and then return the cans for a refund. That’s why Krueger is the best option. Also the best option for the container of the beer is cans. Beers wont taste the same if light hits it, oxygen and heat. A can blocks out the light.
Krueger has been working on their canned beer since 1800s but they suffered from prohibition and worker strikes. After all of this years finally they were allowed to put the beer on sale in 1935. The American Can co. began experimenting with canned beer in 1909 but their cans could not hand the pressure of carbonation, the beers exploited. Over the last few years Krueger Brewing Company has had trouble releasing their beer due to personal issues and the prohibition but now they have proved they were capable of inventing this new product. Krueger Beer is totally recommended because the taste is unique. Also before they released them into sale they did test if this product should go on sale and about 90% approved it was going to work out. This product has been a hit due to its unique characteristics.

Monday, October 2, 1932
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The Japanese seal the deal; USA is brought into the war
Is it possible to be entertained during The Great Depression?
Entertainment (Euge)
December 8, 1941 -

Yesterday’s attack came as a surprise to everyone. There was no way anyone could have known what was to come on the morning of December 7, 1941. The planes came in two waves; the first hit its target at 7:53 AM, the second at 8:55. 3 hours later, the Japanese attack planes were heading back to Japan, leaving 2,043 people dead, 188 destroyed planes and 8 destroyed battleships behind. But that’s not all the damage they caused; on their way back, they also attacked American facilities in the Philippines.
It’s being theorized that the attacks had two purposes: the destruction of American aircraft carriers and the sinking of as many other capital ships as possible. Japanese high command hoped to neutralize the American ability to project air and sea water n the Pacific Basin for at least six months.
But if they had been hoping for submission from our part, they are in for a rude awakening. They have practically sealed de deal, we are going to war, and we're taking as many of them as we can with us.

The Great Depression has affected all of us emotionally and economically. Whenever you are having a bad day remember there is still a way to find peace or forget about the current situation. What a better way to forget about the world than dancing. Fortunately we have great artists who can help us have a wonderful time. Go out, have fun, swing a little with Duke Ellington’s “It don’t mean a thing ” or slow dance with your partner with Ella Fitzgerald’s “Dream a little dream of me”. Radios are an inexpensive way of having the sweet taste of music in your own home.

If you’re not much of a music person why not enjoy one of the many popular movies that the theatre has to offer. Walt Disney an amazing animator has now released a new movie called “The Three Little Pigs”. Great movie to watch with your kids its about three pigs who each build their own house with different materials. Another great movie form Walt Disney is “Snow White”. Snow White has great animations and an unbelievable plot twist. You can find any movie for your likings from comedy to drama; from romance to suspense you name it!

Now that I talked to you a little about music and movies why not enjoy them both in the same package. Broadway Musicals are here for you, such a great entertainment that will sure make you smile. You can enjoy great musicals such as Night and Day, Where or When, A Hundred Years From Today, Yesterdays, Anything Goes, Aunt Sally and many others. These plays will shock you with the abundance of talent and great soundtracks.

Just because we are having rough times it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun every once in a while, believe me when I say this things can make your life a little better every day. Have fun and enjoy yourself, not because we are in The Great Depression you should be depressed.

The New York Times
Sports (Nicole)
My mother home schooled my siblings and me and we helped our father harvest the crops. This great depression lasted almost 25 years; I learned to live through it, with my family. My brothers were my only friends and that is why we got on really well. While struggling through all this, we experienced a really sad time. My little sister died of an infection when she was only three and a half years old. We tried to help her with what we could, but couldn’t. We couldn't go to a hospital because there weren’t any near, and if they were, it didn’t matter because we couldn’t afford it. We literally had no money. We were extremely sad for this, but it gave us strength to work harder, we used this as motivation.

We were a few of the lucky ones because we survived. Even though this was not nice, I am extremely grateful for this, for having my parents and my siblings whom I have grown so attached to by my side. I believe as humans we learn from our mistakes and that storms need to happen in order to appreciate the rain.

World Series Champions
October 1, 1932, at Wrigley Field in Chicago.
Yesterday millions of families were super excited for this event. All gathered at the Chicago Stadium, others listening over the air, rooting for favorite players.
The four-game by the American League New York Yankees against the National League Chicago Cubs. It was a phenomenal game.

There was some arguments bewteen the two teams before the series even began. The Cubs opened the scoring with two runs in the top of the first inning, but the Yankees went for it and jumped ahead leaving the score 3-2 on a home
run by Lou Gehrig.

Millions of people rooting for the New York Yakees and for the Cubs. Later on in the game New York scored nine runs in the last three innings to win 12–6 on only eight hits. Yankee starter Red Ruffing pitched a complete game, striking out 10 Cubs but walking six and giving up six runs, only three of which were earned.

It was a great night for the Yankees.
The new winners of the World Series
, and their 12th consecutive Series game. Sadly It was also a good bye game and the last Series for Yankee mainstays Ruth, Combs and Pennock.

They all delivered a fantastic game. Managed by Joe Mcarthy, 2 years ago he managed the Cubs but was fired becasue they lost and know he is the one who lead the Yankess to the first place on the World Series.
The game was tied 5-5 for six innings, but then the Yanks wound up with a 13-6 win and another World Championship.

Although Ruth's "called shot" was the most widely contested and celebrated moment of the 1932 Series. After the game Ruth comment while batting: "I'd play for half my salary if I could bat in this dump all the time!"

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