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Two components of Mail Merge

No description

argie lumapay

on 26 July 2016

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Transcript of Two components of Mail Merge

Two components of Mail Merge
1. Form Document
- the
that contains the main body of the message.
place holders
also referred to as data fields or merge fields. This marks the position on your form document where individual data or information will be inserted.
Marked by double- headed arrows (<< >>) on each side

2. List of Data File
this is where the individual information or data that needs to be plugged in to the form document is placed and maintained
Mail Merge
- a feature that allows you to create documents and combine or merge them with another document or data file.
Steps in creating a simple mail merge
1. Open MS Word and start a new blank document.
2. On the
tab, from the
Mail Merge
group, choose
Start Mail Merge
3. Save your letter and name it "Sample Letter"
4. Insert the fields in the letter (Name, Company, Address Line 1, and Title)
5. Save the main document once more. You canuse
to quickly do this step.
6. On the
tab in the
Start Mail Merge
group, choose
Select Recipients
Type a New List

7. Click the Customize Columns button on the dialog box for the New Address List
8. Select a field that you dont need then click the DELETE button. A confirmation dialog box appears.
9. Click YES in the confirmation dialog box. The dialog box closes, and the unnecessary field disappears.
10. Repeat steps 8 & 9 for each field you do not need. After removing the excess fields, the next step is to add the fields you need.
11. To add a field that you need in your document, click the ADD button.
12. Type the field name on the prompt inside a small ADD FIELD dialog box and click the OK button.
13. Repeat steps 11 & 12 for each new field you need in your main document.
14. Click the OK button on the Customize Address List dialog box to confirm your changes.
15. The New Address List dialog box will appear again ready for you to type in your data.
16. Type the individual data from your list corresponding to Name, Company, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Address Line 3, and Title
17. Press the
key each time to enter the next field.
18. To add a new record, press the
key after inputting the last field.
When you press the
key on the last field in a record, a new record is automatically created and added on the next line.
19. Repeat steps 16 through 18 until you enter all the records you want. Once you are done typing your data, click the
button on the
Add New List
dialog box to save your data. A special Save Address List dialog box pops up, allowing you to save the recipient list.
20. Type a name for the address list. Name it "Client List".
21. Click the
button. You should be back on your main document soon after.
22. Select a field place holder (ALL CAPS) in the main document.
23. Click the
Insert Mail Field
command button.
24. Choose the proper field to insert into your text. For example, if you are replacing the text name in your document with a name field, choose the Name Field from Insert Merge Field menu. The field is inserted into your document and replaces the ALL CAPS text.
25. Continue adding fields until the document is complete. Repeat steps 22 through 24 as necessary to stick all fields into your document.
26. Save the main document.
27. Choose Finish & Merge to edit, print, or send your merged documents through email.
28. Or you may want to choose Preview Results to check your work before you send it.
29. Save and close your document
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