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The Globe Theatre & Conventions of Elizabethan Theatre

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Anthony Jones

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of The Globe Theatre & Conventions of Elizabethan Theatre

By: Le Wong The Globe Theatre & ` Conventions of
Elizabethan Theatre: . Inter-act music: Between
acts music is played to
entertain the audience. . The plays were conventional,
meaning they were not
realistic. . Boys played girls'
roles in plays. . The plays had strong
exits. . Little scenery and
costume change during
plays. . Quick transitions of the set
kept the story moving. The Globe Theatre: . . The architect that made the theatre
was Theo Crosby. It was built from timber from another
famous theatre. It was called
the "Theatre." . . After it was demolished it
was used as a tenement
building. In 1613 a fire broke out in
the theatre. . . They rebuilt the Globe
Theatre on the original
grounds. The theatre operated illegally
after play performing was
banned. Conventions of Elizabethan Theatre
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