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Book of Revelation

Overview of the Prophetic New Testament Book

Jeffrey Smith

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation Introduction: (1:1 - 8) Vision I: (1:9-3:22)
Christ Amid the 7 Churches
Vision II: (4:1 - 8:1)
God Rules Vision III: (8:2 - 11:1)
Seven Trumpets Vision IV: (12:1 - 14:20)
Woman - Child- Dragon Vision V: (15:1 - 16:21)
7 Bowls - 7 Vials Vision VI: (17:1 - 20:15)
Harlot & Babylon Judged Vision VII: (21:1 - 22:7)
New Jerusalem Conclusion: (22:8 - 21) These shall war against the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them, for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings; and they also shall overcome that are with him, called and chosen and faithful. (Revelation 17:14) John, Exiled to Patmos, In the Spirit on the Lord's Day,
Receives Prophecy from an Angel Blessed Are They That Have Washed Their Robes,
Neither Add To Nor Take Away From the Word Preterist - Events Fulfilled in 1st Century
Historicist - Panorama Through History
Futurist - Just Before Second Coming
Idealist - Applicable Throughout History Four Interpretive Views: "I believe a proper interpretation of the book incorporates some of all these views"
- Mark A. Copeland, The Book of Revelation, page 4 Alpha and Omega
One Like the Son of Man
Clothed with Garment to Feet
Girded with a Golden Band
Head and Hair White as Snow
Eyes Like Flame of Fire
Feet Like Fine Brass
Voice as Sound of Many Waters
7 Stars in Right Hand
2-Edged Sword in Mouth
Countenance Like Shining Sun Stands Amid 7 Lampstands
7 Churches of Asia
Laodicae Vision of Throne Room
24 Elders
7 Lamps
Sea of Glass
4 Living Creatures
God the Father on Throne
Who Is Worthy?
Lamb is Worthy!
Lamb and Lion
7 Horns, 7 Eyes
24 Elders Fall Before God, Son
Sing a New Song
Many Thousand Angels
Every Creature Joins In

7 Seals 7th Seal, 7 Angels with 7 Trumpets
1-Hail & Fire
2-Mountain Thrown into Sea
3-Wormwood Falls
4-1/3 of Sun, Moon, Stars Struck
6-200,000,000 Army


7-Kingdom Proclaimed Woman About to Deliver
Dragon Desires Her Child
War In Heaven
Dragon- Serpent-Devil-Satan
Cast Down

Beast From the Sea
10 Horns
7 Heads
10 Crowns

Beast From Earth
2 Horns
Speaks Like Dragon

Angels Sent to Reap Earth 7 Angels
7 Plagues
7 Bowls
1 - Sore Upon Men
2 - Sea Became Blood
3 - Rivers Became Blood
4 - Sun Scorched Men
5 - Darkness & Pain
6 - Euphrates Dries Up
7 - Thunder, Earthquake BABYLON THE GREAT,

The Great City that Reigns Over the Earth
Babylon Is Fallen
Kings of Earth Wailed
Merchants Mourned

White Horse Appears
Beasts & Kings Gather to Make War
Beast & False Prophet Cast into Lake of Fire
Rest Were Killed
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