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COMM 333 Screenwriting

Emphasis on Character Development

Prof Johnson

on 8 October 2018

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Transcript of COMM 333 Screenwriting

Intention / Initial Obstacle

Screen-to-Script Group Assignments & Handouts

Quick Note about Midterms

Constructing a Compelling Main Character: 2 Freewriting Activities
Next week, Wednesday, we will workshop the Screen-to-Script submissions in small groups. The groups are...
A Quick Note about Midterms
MyBLC > Homework Schedule
Constructing a Compelling Main Character
I want you to begin thinking about the Original Screenplay writing assignment that was presented on Monday.

How many people have an idea about the kind of story they wish to tell for the Original Screenplay writing assignment?

To begin the assignment, let's think about compelling main characters. What are their characteristics?
Intention / Obstacle
COMM 333 Screenwriting
watch to 12:54

Here is what you will see...
HERO: Hugh Glass
Pawnee wife and son (Hawk), 1820s

INTENTION: To make a living with his son, Hawk, by fur trapping in rural Missouri (elk fur)

INITIAL OBSTACLE: Attacked by Ree Indians because the chief is searching for his daughter who has been kidnapped by white trappers. The Ree Indians keep Glass from getting what he wants (elk furs).

Based on the opening scenes, what kind of a man is Glass and how do you know? What makes him COMPELLING?

WARNING: Graphic Scenes
Kalley, Teal, Noah, Liz
Emily, Noella, Sam, Kristina
Alyssa, Chan, Abigail, Zach
Please take a moment to distribute your scripts to your group members. Also, please give me a copy. Thanks! :)
Materials Needed
Paper, pencil or
Word document
Freewriting Prompt
I want you to write without stopping for 10 minutes. Fly. Ignore spelling and grammar and run with it. The freewriting prompt is...
Write about a fictional character that has compelled you in one way or another (a "main" character -- hero/protagonist). Who is s/he? What do you know about him/her?

WHY is s/he compelling?
Write, write, write!

For example...
Lester Ballard
Child of God by Cormac McCarthy

Mid-twenties, white male, poor, uneducated, lives as a recluse in the Tennessee mountains during the 1960s

He's deplorable... a serial killer and necrophiliac

What intrigues me...?
Primal need: Love (contradiction)
Intention: To find love

Freewrite for another 10 minutes. This time, focus on the main character of YOUR story (for your original screenplay). Who is s/he? What do you know about him/her?

WHY is s/he compelling?
Write, write, write!
Next, look over your freewriting and identify specific CHARACTERISTICS that makes your hero compelling. What are these characteristics? Highlight them. In a moment we will...
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