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Protecting ICT

No description

nayri bedrossian

on 25 May 2015

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Transcript of Protecting ICT

Protecting ICT
A hacker is a person who breaks codes and passwords.
a computer program that is designed to copy itself repeatedly. once the computer got the virus it will slow down your device and might cause other problems.
Physical Methods
Log out your acount when your done
use swipe cards to activate locks
make sure no body sees your password while typing
Finger prints
palm prints
facial patters
voice patters
Logical methods
access rights
user IDS and password
Anti- virus and Anti- spyware software
Anti- virus software : this is special software which is used to detect viruses and limit their damage by removing them.
Anti - spyware software : can collect and relay personal information without your knowledge. some can change many information without your consent.
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