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Prism Triad

CenturyLink Group 6: 10-acious

Kate McFerren

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of Prism Triad

Prism is currently broadcasting from one of several head-ends
Network infrastructure can currently support these changes
Porter's Five Forces
Threat of New Entrants
Threat of substitute products or services
Bargaining Power of Customers
Bargaining Power of Suppliers
Intensity of Competitive Rivalry
Controlling the quality and price
Customer experience and service
Already have this implemented:
Cable and Satellite companies
SWOT Analysis
Low cost, high reward
Brand new to market
Easily implemented
Customers do not like seeing ads
Potential for huge profit
One of the first telecomm companies to implement
Other IPTV providers introducing these products
Minimizing costs
Project Manager: Stephen Gandy
Marketing Manager: Josh Pearce
Developer Chair: Matthew Foshee
Creative Specialist: Kate McFerren
Requirement Specialist: Chris Temple
Financial Analyst: Brittany Landry
IT Analyst: Tyrone Curtis
HR Advisor: Mahogany Barnes
Research Chair: Emily Todd
Network Strategist: Akshay Malkani
Advertisement Insertion on
Prism TV Guide
Recommendation Engine
in Prism on Demand
Prism Triad
- Create, Implement, and sell advertising space on the Prism television guide
Cross Pollination
Channel Selection
Facts and Figures
Contract with HBO, Starz, and Encore as well as UFC Pay per View
CenturyLink will negotiate to receive a 10% cut from HBO/PPV sales
Facts and Figures
$25 per 1,000 views
Prism customer base of 150,000 with an estimated 10 views per customer daily
Facts and Figures
Monthly movie buy rate per customer expected to increase from 2.2 to 3.0
Prism Triad
Video Summary
Payback Period

Prism development, currently, uses Windows Mediaroom
No additional development tools needed
Hardware Changes
No alterations to set-top boxes to accommodate Prism Triad
Financial Summary
High level Summary
Human Resources
Information Systems

Staffing/support considerations:
Move potential HR workers from other departments
Current Prism development team is capable
Performance monitoring training classes

= $26,644,246.75

$45 for HBO Subscription and $55 for UFC Pay per View event will bring in incremental revenue of $309,025 for Year 1
Employee satisfaction
Telecommunications is a very competitive market
-Implement a cross pollination channel selection in the guide
-Add a Recommendation Engine to Prism on Demand
Increases customer satisfaction by making the experience more personalized
A total of 1,500,000 views per day
A-Servers collect number of views and send total to the appropriate ad agencies daily.
With the increased buy rate, incremental revenue will be $798,400 by the end of Year 1, a 36% increase

Incremental revenue for Year 1 will be $18,200,000
Based on the assumptions in the model, the Prism Triad will payback in less than a year.
Thanks to our Sources:
Jeff Swanner- Prism Triad's main contributor
David M. Byrne- IT and Networking
John Stangel- Network Engineer (Prism Operations)
Ray Fussell- Prism Development
Erin Barclay- Prism Operations
Jamye Vick- Prism Project Manager
Jason Grant- Marketing Analyst
Potential bandwidth issues from the growth of Prism TV might develop
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