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Engaging through Social Media

No description

Kathryn Foot

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Engaging through Social Media

Blogging Top Tips
Content mainly provided by current students and alumni

Links to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Encourages conversation and engagement

Provides real time case studies for academic departments/faculties

Use WordPress as the platform but lots out there e.g tumbler, blogger, Google+ (if you use Google+ this increases your SEO)
Social Media and the Cardiff Award
Engaging Through Social Media
Brought to you by: Kathryn Foot, Lizzie Brock and
Francesca Hall

How #nottouse hashtag #bad
Making the most of 140 characters #toptips

Create Tweets that resonate
: combine exciting, useful content with an engaging, unique tone to emotionally connect with your audience.

Make sure you
include links, pictures and videos

Keep Tweets short and sweet.
There’s no magical length for a Tweet, but a recent report by Buddy Media revealed that Tweets shorter than 100 characters get a 17% higher engagement rate.

Timing matters
! When is the best time to engage students? Do they really pick up tweets at 9am?

Tweet often
- people follow you for a reason, if your tweets are sporadic you will lose people, get to grips with social media sharing platforms such as hootsuite.

Follow your interests
- follow like minded people and businesses, for content, inspiration and contacts.

Simply @reply
, mention and reply to tweets, keep your followers engaged. Using a full stop before @ ensures all your followers see your conversation.

Use #wisely!!
Join conversations using native hashtags, great for twitter chats, use a common hashtag across all platforms, make sure the hashtag is engaging and relevant, DON'T over hashtag!!
The Award Facebook page

#Identify why you need and who do you want to reach
#Don't use it to "Keep up with the Jones'. Use social media for intention"
#Define your target audience, how will you engage with them?
#Outline your measurement for social media success before you do it. Is it engagement? Is it click through to content?
#Identify the appropriate platforms you are going to use (closed groups (FB/WhatsApp vs open profile e.g.Twitter)
#Consider appropriate training
#Timing is key - can you afford the time to do this properly? Factor in to the role - it should not be seen as an "extra"
#Select analytics - are your activities impacting on your programmes' success?

Developing your Social Media Strategy
The wonderful world of
social media

Develop a better understanding of the different social media platforms available and how to use them

Analyse the different platforms and comprehend more fully what to use and when

Consider your current social media strategy and construct an action plan for future developments

Today's session
Closed group

Used for engagement with participants only

Heavily used - main source of advice and guidance

Manage expectations

Links to other closed and open platforms (Drop Box/Twitter)

Work with partners, use the Uni/Union/Careers platform if possible and link from your awards page
Get students, employers and other stakeholders involved so the content is real and engaging
Make sure your blog is visible, use plug ins and widgets to link to other platforms, they should all be connected for maximum promotion
Ensure your content is interesting, avoid too much text (7 mins worth; 1000 - 1600 words)
It needs to be visually appealing, use images, infographics and other media
Consider your writing style, you need to come across as conversational
Don't borrow/copy! Keep your work original and if you do use another's material then cite them
Be persistent "a busy blog is a useful blog" - keep updating it with useful content, don't let it become stagnant
Be consistent - if you have different authors then the message and tone should be the same
Invite comments, and join in conversations
Use appropriate tags to improve SEO (link to
for this too)
Keep learning - be aware of new technologies, don't be afraid to experiment!

Kathryn Foot,
Cardiff Award Manager
Meet the Presenters
- Commenced 2011/2012
- 302 completed
- 314 to complete in 2014/2015
- Year long programme
- Students record hours, attend workshops, complete psychometric tests, CVs, application forms and an employer panel presentation
- strong social media presence

Use infographics and images
Make conversation
Keep it personal
Tweet about what students want
Tactfully time tweets
Lead by example (appropriate profile picture, decent profile, follow social media rules - like, share, engage)
Encourage students to connect with me
Run sessions on using LinkedIn and developing a personal brand
Recommend good students
Links to web, YouTube, Prezi, Infographics and blog
Follow sponsors
Very public - engages sponsors, staff and students


Analytics are essential for measuring the success of your engagement, become familiar with tools such as :
Google Analytics
Hootsuite Analytics
Wordpress Stats
Facebook Insights

100,000 students
23,000 reviews
300 employers
Our vision is to empower every
young person to make an
informed decision
about their future
career path.
Maximising traditional methods of engagement
Time of Day
Be Responsive
Be Concise. Be Relevant
Subject Line Success
Strong brand Roles first Personal
Be Personal
Hi there,
Hi Sam,
Social Media Stats
Student registrations per platform...
Student registrations per platform...
When is the best time of day to open an email?
How engaged have you been today?
Which three factors are key to subject line success?
How long will people engage with your blog (in minutes)?
96% of students are registered on which social media platform?
What does a full stop before @ ensure when posting a tweet?
What dashboards can you use to schedule social media posts?
Content is King
How to offer a 24/7 service in a 9-5 environment
Innovation Engagement
What should be considered when developing your Social Media Strategy?
Did you know you can schedule posts with social media dashboards such as bufferapp and hootsuite?
The Ideal Length of Everything Online
This is according to buffer app:

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