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Static and Dynamic Short

No description

kc kahjl

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of Static and Dynamic Short

Static and Dynamic Short
"The Scarecrow"
Preview your questions before watching the film
Question 1
1. What does the scarecrow’s job appear to be?
The Scarecrow?
Static and Dynamic
Dynamic character: A character that changes (like when dynamite explodes and changes everything near it!)
Static character: A character that stays the same (like static on a T.V. Set!)
Does it remind you of anything?
Question 2
2. How does the scarecrow feel about his job
He never speaks so how do you know this?
Question 3
3. When does the scarecrow’s expression and demeanor change?
How does it change? Is it a positive or negative change?
Question 4
4. At what point does the music change its tone? Why do you think this is?
What about the music changes?
Question 5
5. Do you think the scarecrow will return to his previous job?
Think about the topic we are covering and incorporate that into your answer!
Who was the dynamic character
Remember, just because someone gets a makeover doesn't make them dynamic.
How does the dynamic character change emotionally?
How does the dynamic character change their actions?
Answer time
Which character was dynamic?

Did you say......
Answer Time
Which character/s did you put for static?

Did you say....
How did they appear at the start and at the end?
How did they change their actions at the start and at the end?
How and why did this happen?
How and why did this happen?
How and why did this happen?
How did they feel at the start and at the end?
Answer time
The other factory workers.

We are going to re-watch the film. While we do, fill out your static and dynamic chart!
Static and Dyamic!
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