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MVP Conference

No description

Darrus Sands

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of MVP Conference

Start Strong Boston My Experience Thank you for your attention! Community Centers •Our approaches
Peer leadership model: have peer leaders teach the curriculum
Building relationships
Meeting the participants in their space
Recruiting peer leaders from their neighborhoods
•Our successes
Teach back responses
Knowledge of the participants
Participants open up and have good discussions Who We Are How we impact Why It's Important What we do Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson foundation.
Hosted by Futures without Violence (formally the Family Violence Prevention fund)
Target: Middle school aged youth.
Goal: Promote Healthy Relationships by engaging communities, Schools, Parents/Caregivers and older teen influencers.
Use Social MEDIA!!! •Shifting Norms in teen relationships
Have the Conversation
Be an Example

•Creating upstanding peer leaders
Speak up!
Present healthy alternatives Building Healthy Teen Relationships Outside Workshops Teen Friendly Events Summer Institute Why use the bystander approach? Empower More Tools Accountability Perpetrators Adult Care Takers Themselves Youth Community School Fuels
prevention Resource Language There is no way we can fall apart.
There is no way.
There are no parts.
-June Jordan Engaging MEN and BOYS
- Boy's Groups (CBTM)
- Gender based Curriculum
- Media Campaign When I was... Barriers/Fears Role Plays!!! www.bphc.org/startstrong
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