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Degrees of Separation

No description

Mariano Sison

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of Degrees of Separation

Degrees of Separation
Project 2
Mariano Sison
7 Degrees of Separation
Music History I Section 1
Prof Tote
Patrick Stump to Dizzy Gillespie
Patrick Stump
Patrick Stump is best known for being the lead vocalist and composer of the rock band Fall Out Boy. He has also pursued a solo career and produced for bands such as The Hush Sound, Gym Class Heroes, The Cab and Cobra Starship.

Patrick Stump to Travie McCoy
Travie McCoy was a member of the group Gym Class Heroes who released a song in 2005 entitled "Cupid's Chokehold." Stump provided the vocals for the chorus of the song.

Travie McCoy to Bruno Mars
In 2010, Travie McCoy released his single "Billionaire" featuring vocals and co-written by Bruno Mars. The hook came about when Mars was supplied with only $350 for an 11 day trip to England. Mars also played a part in producing McCoy's first solo album, Lazarus.

Bruno Mars to CeeLo Green
Bruno Mars' debut EP,
It's Better If You Don't Understand
, featured CeeLo Green's vocals on the single "The Other Side", which also appeared on Mars's debut album,
Doo-Wops and Hooligans
. Mars collaborated with Green again in August 2010 by co-writing his hit single "F*ck You."


Patrick Stump to Dizzy Gillespie
CeeLo Green to TLC
In 1995, CeeLo Green was a part of the Atlanta hip hop group Goodie Mob. During this time, he provided backing vocals to TLC's 1995 hit, "Waterfalls."

TLC to Jermaine Jackson
In February of 1991, T-Boz and Left Eye of TLC signed a deal with management company, Pebbitone. During this time, they provided background vocals on Jermaine Jackson's 1991 album, You Said.

Jermaine Jackson to Michael Jackson
In Jermaine's youth, he was co-lead singer of the Jackson 5 to his brother Michael Jackson. Jermaine was highlighted on the songs, "I Want You Back", "I'll Be There", "The Love You Save", and many others.

Michael Jackson to Quincy Jones
Michael Jackson first met producer, Quincy Jones, on the set of The Wiz, which Jones was arranging the musical score for. Jones continued working with MJ and went on to produce his albums
Off The Wall

Quincy Jones to Dizzy Gillespie
In 1945, Quincy Jones began playing trumpet at the age of 12 in Seattle, Washington. By 1951, he had already received scholarships to multiple music schools and had been developing his trumpet and arranging skills. In 1956, he was on tour as a trumpeter and musical director of the Dizzy Gillespie Band on a tour of the Middle East and South America.

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