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Technology for Global Health

Lecture to BSMS October 2012

Manpreet Singh

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Technology for Global Health

Technology and the role of the private sector in global health BSMS lecture
October 2012
Manpreet Singh Framework Downsides Future Increased susceptibility to infection Lung Damage Nutritional Deficiencies Lack of vaccination No vaccination exists Poverty Crop Failure No incentives for pharmaceutical companies Country cannot afford vaccines No health care workers to administer vaccines Vaccine
ineffective No cold chain No access to health
care workers to administer
vaccination Not enough HCWs trained User fees Opportunity cost of attending clinic Clinic too far away Vaccination
misinformation Exposure to smoke Cookstoves

Fuel use

Ventilation No nearby health care workers No clinics No staff in clinics No infrastructure in clinics No effective medicines No access to tertiary care Access to clinics Cost Distance People don't take medicines Technology in global health Venilators don't work No reliable electricity No technicians to maintain / repair technology No supply chain for parts Don't remember to take medicines Pill burden Technologies that:
Prevent illness
Diagnose illness
Help treat illness Includes:
Clinical guidelines
Processes Must be appropriate Affordable
Culturally appropriate Advanced Market Commitments Vaccines that don't
require refrigeration Non-electric coolers Monotherapy Technology is not a panacea Technology isn't being used appropriately:
Doesn't exist
Not accessible
Not acceptable
Technology may not change behaviour AIDS vaccine Stoves Malaria RDTs Diseases not diagnosed appropriately Inequality Indus Knee Inappropriate technology can be a burden Same problems being faced all over the world:
High costs
Inequality Any Questions? Thank you Opportunity for leapfrog technologies
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