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Ellis and Angel Islands

The gateways for millions of immigrants.

Natalie Vanderlaan

on 1 March 2012

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Transcript of Ellis and Angel Islands

The Gateways
forMillions What were these places? Ellis and Angel Islands Over 12 Million immigrants came to the United States between 1892 and 1954 through Ellis Island alone. At least 1 Million
Asians came through Angel Island. Immigrant screening stations you
had to pass through before entering the country Ellis Island Angel Island Ellis Island: Located just outside of New Jersey/NYC Served as the screening station for
Europeans hoping to start a new life
in the U.S. Most famous for the dreaded medical exams. Angel Island The "Ellis Island" of the West Processing center for: Australians, New Zealanders,
Canadians, Mexicans, Central and South Americans,
Russians, but mostly Asians. On the coast of California When first arriving... Picking up luggage Walking up the "Great Staircase" at Ellis Island was part of the medical exam. Medical Exam On average took 6 seconds The eye exam was the most feared part.
Immigrants were searched for Trachoma If a doctor determined that an immigrant was ill in anyway, their clothing was marked with chalk. They would then either be kept at the Ellis Island

hospital, or immigrants as young as 12 were sent back home alone. If younger than 12 they had to be accompanied by a parent. Questioning Had to answer 29 questions before offically entering the country For example: What is your name? Occupation? What is your final destination? How much money do you have with you? ENTER AMERICA! New life and new possibilities. Works Cited http://angelisland.org/history/
The Statue of liberty welcomed everyone into New York Harbor
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