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SD Awards

Winter Formal Award Presentation

Lauren Akin

on 4 December 2010

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Transcript of SD Awards

Staff Development
Winter Formal 2010 Most likely to be found in/out of a onsie... ANGELA
TENISCI Most likely to be a "sexy bear" for Halloween... TEGAN STUSIAK + = Most likely to be found OUTSIDE lola’s... ZAHRA KHAMISA Most likely to be found in the media office... even though she's in leagues... JENN LAM Most likely to grow the dirtiest stache for Movember.. DAN REICH Most likely to inhale sand before going in the water... SCHULTZAYYY Most likely to have a near-death experience at BC sushi... SVEN
WOLPERT Most likely to be found with their shirt off (not that we’re complaining)... CAM WONG Most likely to be nicknamed after a predatory bird... ALEX "THE VULTURE" RISTEA Hide yo' kids,
Hide yo' wife Most likely to be found in black and white stripes... DEVON
MONTGOMERY Most likely to have a pub in England named after him... DAVID PROTHEROE Most likely to get cut out of group pictures... BEN TURLAND Most likely to be found curled on Tristan's desk... TAYLOR
DINSDALE Most likely to become a famous videographer some day... JON CHIANG Most likely to have his calves bring all the girls to the yard... NATHAN WONG <-- oh baby Most likely to beat you in a dance-off, anytime, anyplace... ROB HIGGINS Most likely to be found
drawing on everything... JOANNE TSENG Most likely to be found
RECing havoc on a bus... SAM GREGORY Most likely to have been
the cutest child ever... DAVID CARRUTHERS Most likely to be the only 21 year-old male at a Justin Bieber concert... TOM BALAKSHIN Most likely to get hit on in
a White Spot... It was probably Alex ALANNA MUELLER
ALI DURRAN Most likely to be the biggest
bro in REC... KIRSTEN CAVE Most likely to dream about having
Sidney Crosby's babies... KAYLA
PRIMM Most likely to explode
from Asian Glow... MING HO ? Most likely to take questionable
pics with a delineator... BEV
LARSSEN Most likely to terrorize the
REC office... DARREN
CAMERON Most likely to get a relationship
acronym... "BRAE" ? ? Most likely to be the first one to sign up for something/create a group for it/start fundraising... JESSICA DAVIES Most likely to brighten
up your day... ANDREA LAU Most likely to find the pot of gold
at the end of a double rainbow... ALICE & LINDA LIN all the way Most likely to be the most loved employee at her new job... Most likely to punch you
in the face tonight... TAIRA JOLIE WANDERLEI SILVA (just kidding, hopefully) Most likely to throw up gang
signs at the bar... THE FACS! ELLEN



HYMOWITZ Most likely to put a = ) in her facebook status... KYLA MAN Most likely to eventually have her
green headband grow onto her head... PAM HAAF Most likely to have a
surprising hometown... JESS WAGNER MIKE OSACHOFF Singapore! Most likely to be able to replace
the kicker on the football team... LINDSAY MALONEY
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