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The Aztec

No description

William Kirkland

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of The Aztec

The Aztec
The Aztec ate a large variety of foods.
Their main staple was maize, which they grew, but they also hunted and gathered food from the land.
The Aztec hunted for:
The Aztec created floating gardens for planting and harvesting (as shown on the left).They planted:
maize (corn-like)
The Aztecs didn't only hunt and gather food, but also cooked and prepared foods from ingredients. Here are some of them:
Cooked or created
Aztec shelter
The Aztec lived in a warm climate. Therefore, making it esier to build certain types of houses and shelter.
The Aztecs settled in a place where it was not cold, but very warm. One of the good parts of that was that they were able to use a material to build their homes with called adobe.Adobe is a sun-dried brick, therefore making it very useful to them.
Aztec shelter
The Aztecs also created great, beautiful structures called temples.They were also called teocalli, meaning god houses. Some of the temples, like the one shown here, were made almost 10,000 years ago.Making out how old they are, many are still standing.
Aztec temples
Aztec temple empire
Aztec Clothing
The Aztec wore different types of clothing depending on their gender,class, and age. But in early settlement, it was not the same.
During early settlement, the Aztec wore clothes that were loose fitting, and did not completely cover the body. Of which in that time period they called clothes, now a days are called pieces of cloth.
Clothing during early settlement
Later in Aztec times, the indians wore more elaborate clothing. If you were a chief, then parts of your clothes like feathers or other decorative materials may have been plated in gold. Modern Aztecs of a tribe might have worn something made of cotton.
Later Aztec clothes
Major beliefs
The Aztecs had many beliefs. They believed the sun fought darkness every night and rose to save mankind. They believed the earth was flat. They believed that if they fed the sun blood, it would rise. They also believed in 13 heavens and 9 underworlds. The Aztec worked very hard on building temples, believing that it would please their gods.
The Aztec believed in about 1,000 gods. One of the Gods that they worshiped the most was the god of sun. Here are some others:
Xipe totec
Aztec Gods
The Aztecs believed that they should make a calender. But this calender was special.Here are what some of the symbols on it mean:
13-day period
solar year

Xochitl (flower) Itzcuintli (dog) Calli (house)
Lord of the Night
365-day calendar
Long Count:
(Mayan calendar)

Aztec calender
Music and arts
The Aztec also had a way of making music, and art.Here is way to find out how.To the right is an Aztec painting. I'm not really sure what it means, but at least it looks cool anyway.
The Aztec created art. Alot of times it would be very detailed and would take a while to create. The designs would sometimes be astounding, compared to the resources that they had.
Aztec Arts
The Aztecs also made music. They have very intricate dancing moves, each telling stories of their everyday life.

Aztec Music
Interactions with the environment
(Hunting, gathering, farming) Remember when you were already probably overcome by boredom when I was talking about the floating islands? Well, I'm bringing it back.
As you should already know, the Aztecs Farmed on floating islands. But how? The Aztecs dug out large amounts of grass (and dirt) from rivers and actually formed gardens! That's one heck of an irrigation system!
You already know WHAT the Aztec hunted.Here is HOW they hunted.They usually shot long range bows. but in close combat, they would usually use a tomahawk or what they called swords.
In the time frame that the Aztecs gathered, it was not nearly the same as today. today, we have big machines to do it for us.The Aztecs however, had to gather every single grain of wheat by hand.
The end
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