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Synthesis Project

No description

Gaelan Lee Benway

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of Synthesis Project

Start with a TITLE
Tell us about your chosen topic / concept in your own words.

How does this phenomenon work?

Why is it important?
Your example can come from a popular source in print, on the Web, or in another medium.
Extend our understanding by presenting ideas from a scholarly article that addresses your concept.

Wrap it all up for your audience: your fellow students and me.

Images, online sources, books, articles, interviews.
Synthesis Presentation
The Forest & the Trees
The goal? Design and deliver an excellent project
Tell us briefly about you and your project.
Now it's time to tell a story!
Start with a real-world, specific example
Scholarly source
Now for the hard part!
Reflect and evaluate
And finally...
Cite your sources
Include your name!

What interests you in this topic?
What will we learn from you?
Just please, make sure it's reliable!
... all of the things you have learned into a holistic understanding of your core concept.
In other words...
...try to APPLY your popular source example to your scholarly source or vice versa.
Conclude your project with something more meaningful than mere summary.
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