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Reverse Design

No description

Becky Kasper

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Reverse Design

Build the cart - and then get a horse
The cart: Outcomes
Evidence of what is achieved
When you've walked yourself back, then you find yourself at the beginning,
ready to start.
The stepping over the threshold is a liminal state characterized by disorientation/confusion
Reverse Design:
of Carts and Horses

"Students will be able to
effectively communicate
design ideas in a fashion sketch through
of garment details, silhouettes, and color theory."
"In this class, students will practice making fashion sketches by using garment details, silhouettes, and color theory"
2. Identify threshold concepts
troublesome: because they can cause mental discomfort

Are there conceptual thresholds that need to be crossed in your learning outcomes?
Going from a known place to an unknown
Myers and Land, "Threshold Concepts and Troublesome Knowledge," 2005
irreversible: once you know it, you know it forever, like riding a bicycle
integrative: other understandings join together
bounded: contextualized by the discipline
Now we have the frame of the course
Threshold concepts
3. Mapping learning outcomes
Let's find a horse to pull this thing
What kind of thinking and knowing do your outcomes require?
Those determine the types of assignments and teaching techniques
and when you carry them out
Higher up on the pyramid - later in the course - scaffolding
Thus far:
Threshold Concepts
Assignments: Triple Duty
help get them across the threshold
which helps get them to the outcome
provide summative assessment
Your teaching: the reins are in your hands
Your techniques:
And students can get stuck
They need time to
start teaching
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