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The effects of Drones on society

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Kacey Simeon

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of The effects of Drones on society

What do you know about how drones are used today?
How are they used for war related purposes?

How are they used to serve regular civilians?
Drones can be utilized in many ways to positively impact the world. But without proper regulation, the power of drones can be abused immensely.
Positive Applications for Drones
Negative Effects of Drones
Today you will be guided through learning how drones are used and regulated. You will also learn how drones will possibly evolve and effect our future.
The effects of Drones on society
By: Kacey Simeon

What you will learn
Drones can be used by the police for everything from bomb disposal to chasing run away criminals
Drones also have been used all around the world for mail service. While amazon is the most well known, other countries and companies are adopting the idea as well.
It is possible that drones, when used in war, can cause those controlling them to feel detached from the harm they're doing.
How Drones are Regulated
Model Aircrafts
Civil operations
Public Operations
This is regulates how the government uses its drones. To fly one, the FAA has to issue a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA) before the drone can be sent out.

How this relates to my senior project.
All of this was explained because I am attempting to make a drone for my senior project. The coding, wiring, case creation etc. all have proven to be a very large learning stretch for me.
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