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The Advantages an Disadvantages of CAD/CAM.

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on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of The Advantages an Disadvantages of CAD/CAM.

How CAD CAM can help us and how it can not help us
In this presentation I shall explain to you how CAD CAM has help us and not helped us i will give you some examples and evaluate them
PROS: CAD is a very flexible tool that allows the user to make many things with the help of a powerful computer processor. Because of its flexibility it allows the user to constantly make little changes quickly. CAD also can automatically check that designs are within specifications to make sure that it is well made.
Here are some examples of CAD CAM
What is CAD CAM
CAD is COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN. It helps us to use computers to complete templates and codes for products
The Advantages an Disadvantages of CAD/CAM.
CAM is COMPUTER AIDED MANUFACTURING it helps us to create multiple products quickly and precisely
CONS: CAD-Advanced CAD software requires extremely expensive computers that can take the processing power. This is a problem for small businesses starting up. CAD software is also very complex so new users can struggle to get the hang of it. This is also a problem for small businesses looking for employees.
PROS: CAM is a very quick way to make prototypes which means that if a design is made it can be assessed in a prototype that can be made very quickly. CAM is also a very precise method of creating products. CAM can work constantly 24:7 because they do not need to take a break like a human.CAM can produce shapes that would have been near impossible without them.
CONS: CAM's are very expensive to buy and then keep running. so they are only used for very complicated products. The machines themselves are very complicated and take ages to code.
Laser Cutter-CAM
By Ethan Scott
CAD in Industry
CAD is used in industry to design the initial product before manufacture. the task usually falls to a group of specially trained people in the field of CAD.

CAD can be used and applied to any production of any product in most industries that can afford it
CAM in Industry
CAM is the machine of choice for any large manufacturing business. it can be used on almost any product that needs production.

It is unlikely that a manufacturing company will not have one
CAD in School
In school we use CADs such as Photoshop and 2D Design V2 These are quite basic in comparison to the ones thaqt proer industries use but they do the same job
CAM in School
The schools main example of CAM is our Laser Cutters they take a CAD design from the computors and cut it with a laser to create the desired shape
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