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Of mice and Men

No description

Devan Patel

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Of mice and Men

George Milton
named after John Milton, author of poem called Paradise Lost Of Mice and Men- George Milton Physical- Small and quick, not that strong as Lennie

Mental Characteristic- Smart, logical, good leader, bossy, and gets really mad easily Physical and Mental Characteristics His dream is that, Lennie, Candy and he gets their own little land where they are don't have a boss, and they are independent on their own, and nobody can tell them what to do. Dream George and Lennie are friends since their childhood, Lennie didn't have any friends but George. He knew Lennie's aunt clara, who used to give Lennie mice and eventually kill them all, but aunt clara passed away and told George to take care of Lennie. Relationship with Lennie He would think twice before he says or does anything.
George treats other people nice, the way he wants to be treated.
He is good friend to Lennie, and would comfort him when he is depressed. Pros of George Gets mad Easily at Lennie, when he wanted ketchup but they didn't have any.
Little bossy, when talking to Lennie, talks likes in aggressive tone.
He is serious all time, he can't play jokes on Lennie after what happened at the river. Cons of George In the end of the book, Lennie kills Curley's wife and every body starts looking for Lennie. George kills Lennie because he had no choice. He could have ran like they ran from weed, but sooner or later, Lennie could be a "big" problem, and he didn't want Lennie to die by other men. Why did George kill Lennie?
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