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No description

Maria Hernandez

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of hercules

Hercules By:Maria Hernandez & Kaylee Winters GOD MORTAL
(Alcmene) (Zeus) DEMIGOD
(Hercules) Birth As a child ... Childhood Hera *Wife of Zeus
* Goddess of women and marriage
*Stepmother of Hercules
*Why hatred towards Hercules?
1. Hercules was birthed from and affair between Zeus and Alcmene ( MORTAL!)
2. Zeus favored Hercules out of all of his other kids ( who were also birthed from other affairs from Zeus) Trap Zeus ? Result Hera Birth How? She tied Alcmene by sitting cross-legged and tying her clothes into knots Growing up... Grew Stronger every day
Became very cultivated The 12 Labors What are they? Hera's Bedchamber Hera was cluless who Hercules was, Zeus wanted Hera to take Hecules so he could get immortality Hercules bit her breast too hard, causing Hera's milk to spill, which was known as the making of the Milky Way. Family *3-8 Children Megara Hercules' Spouse "oldest daughter of Creon, king of Thebes" "reward for Hercules for defending Thebes" Tragedy Hera got Hercules to go MAD! Causing him to annihilate his family. Dealing with grief Forgive me , I need a second chance. Oracle of Delphi Pythia Told Hercules to go see Eurystheus, the king of Mycenae *Who was guided by Hera * In order for Hercules to receive forgiveness he had to complete task that were given by Eurystheus * Eurystheus and Hera planned 12 ( 2 were taken off) Labors for Hercules to complete. * They understimated Hercules, believed he wouldn't complete them. * If Hercules completed the tasks, he would be granted immortality. Labor One: Nemean lion In Nemea there was a vicious lion that took woman hostage and couldn't be killed. Hecules was order to go and kill the lion. The lion is annihilated and Hercules wears his skin as a cape. Labor Two: The Lernean Hydra This was a degenerated snake with about 100 heads When 1 head was cut off, 2 sprouted out. Hercules kills the snake with the help of his nephew Each time a head was cut off, his nephew would burn the flesh. Labor Three: The Hind of Artemis This is a incredibly fast deer with golden horns, whom hercules has to capture and bring back alive to Argos Eurystheus told Hercules to do the same thing as labor 3 but instead of a deer, a giant boar. Labor Four: Erymanthian Boar Labor Five: The Stables of Augeas Hercules has to clean up the stables of Augeas, who has a lot of oxen, and are filled with oxen waste. Labor Six: Stymphalian Birds Hercules is sent to kill the Stymphalian Birds who are man eating-birds. Labor Seven: Cretan Bull Hercules takes on another adventure, this time to Crete, to capture a massive beast. This bull is taken back to king Eurystheus to be sacrificed, but it is sent free. Labor Eight: Mares of Diomedes In this task Hercules has to capture the man-eating, uncontrolable horses of King Diomede Podagros (the fast)
Lampon (the shining)
Xanthos (the blond)
Deinos (the terrible) Labor Nine: Belt of Hippolyte In this task Hercules has to obtain the belt of Hippolyte, the queen of Amazon. This ask is seems really easy to Hera, so she disguises herself and makes the Amazon women attack Hercules.
He fights them and takes the belt. Labor Ten: Cattle of Geryon Hercules has to sail all the way to Erytheia and kill the fearsome giant and bring him back, dead. Labor Eleven: Apples of the Hesperides In this task Hercules has to steal the apples from the garden of Hesperides. Yet again he receives help, he tricks Atlas into getting the apples for him. Twelfth Labor: Cerberus For this final labor, Hercules has to bring back Hades beast, Cerberus, the three-headed hellhound,whom guards the entrance of the underworld. Hercules ask hades if he can borrow Cerberus, Hades agrees but with 1 condition, Hercules has to fight the beast. After such fight, Hercules once again wins! Hercules takes Cerberus to Eurystheus, then brings back the beast to Hades. Freedom After completing the 12 labors, Hercules was FREE! He returned to Thebes and married Princess Deianira *Hi filled arrows with the snake's venom Death Deianira feels that Hercules is cheating on her with Princess Iole. Nessus (centaur) tricked Deianira into taking some of his blood because it was supposedly a love potion. Lies, it was a toxin made with some of the poison that has in Hercules' arrows. She dripped some of the poison into a piece of cloth, instead of making Hercules love her more it ended up burning his skin and killing her. * * * * Hercules ascends to Mount Olympus, and he also receives immortality. Source http://ancienthistory.about.com/od/herculesarticles/f/112807HerculesD.htm






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