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Strategic Vision vs. Strategic Action

No description

Daniela Bermadinger

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Strategic Vision vs. Strategic Action

Strategic Vision vs. Strategic Action What am I better at doing? Strategic Vision Strategic Action My Personal Visions: SAVE THE WORLD! My Life Goals (past):

speak as many languages as possible
travel to all 5 continents
study medicine and become a doctor/vet
become a great dancer and/or actress
fall in love Human Rights Animal Protection “Where there is no hope in the future,
there is no power in the present.” My Life Goals (present):

learn about as many cultures as possible
completion of Master's degree in tourism
work at UNESCO World Heritage
create a family & have 4 kids What are/were my
personal visions? Which visions
have I put
into action? Koala Sanctuary Exchange Study Semester in Australia Practical Training Semester in Italy Bachelor's Degree in Tourism Languages studied:

Russian Biology Paper about
Whales & Dolphins My current Life/Strategies:

studying tourism at Master's level
upcoming exchange semester in Hong Kong
Master's thesis about World Heritage
apply for an internship at UNESCO WH
in a relationship >> Life to me seems more exciting than routine. << >> I know how to
harness my creativity
and use my talents. << Noble Purpose:
1) Altruism
2) Excellence DREAMER Strategic Adapter “Block out the noise and really pave your own road
guided by what lights you up.” (Brian McAllister) “When you really magnify what it is you believe in and follow it, the world conspires for you.” (Michael Jager) Visions have to be translated into specific goals. >> I know what I’m passionate about,
but I often lack the confidence or courage
to pursue my visions. << >> To make a real difference,
dreams need to be linked
with strategic actions. << >> Formulating strategy is the hard, serious work
of taking a specific step towards the future. << >> Success should not be the target;
instead, success comes from pursuing your vision. << >> People who do not have this clear vision
of the future have less chance of success. << Energy Motivation Commitment Enthusiasm Imagination >> The future belongs to those
who believe in the beauty of
their DREAMS. << [Rosevelt] Visions have to be translated into specific goals.... >> Making an initial career choice is just one aspect of a personal vision that will grow and change over time. <<
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