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burke bulger

on 20 October 2012

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Transcript of hunger

Welcome, Tributes!We welcome you, and thank you, for your courage and sacrifice. Happy Hunger Games....And may the odds be...ever in your favor!
-President Snow at the opening ceremonies for the 74th annual Hunger Games. THE HUNGER GAMES District 1 is the district that fabricates the luxurious and up-beat items that keep the Capitol fresh and new and in power to show that they have more. DISTRICT 1 , LUXURY District 2 makes items that could be used to build buildings(hammers,axes,mallets etc.)and weapons for The Hunger Games.This district is also a career district.This district is the most devoted district to The Capitol and The Capitol's favorite they win at almost every year(almost) DISTRICT 2 , MASONRY District 11 is Agriculture and has most of the stronger male tributes.This district is the biggest district in Panem and even bigger than the Capitol. DISTRICT 11, AGRICULTURE District 5 is in charge of technology.There's not much to say about district 5 only to say that they are very sly and sullen. DISTRICT 5 TECHNOLOGY District 12 is an outline district, often overlooked but nonetheless a crucial one.They live in poverty and the coal miners are paid a ridiculously low salary,often times they cannot feed their families,and sadly, some children perish leaving the father and mother feeling awful.But the lighter side is the marketeers, the richer ones stereo typically known to be blonde and stunningly beautiful.Some people in The Capitol are ashamed of Wrinkles but in 12, its an honor. DISTRICT 12,COAL MINING The Games start as all the tributes are lined up on their pedestal and are waiting to get their much needed supplies.When the gong rings,most tributes,except for Foxface,Peeta and the district 10 male(named Mickey in the film)run to The Cornucopia in search of supplies.The tributes battle over supplies and only the Career tributes make it out and a handful of unnamed tributes.Katniss escapes The Bloodbath after being attacked by the district 9 boy and Clove then hears a girls' scream.The cannon Blows and the district 4 girl's corpse is picked up.Katniss then finds her way through the games without meeting any tributes along the way...until day 4.Katniss was lying in a tree when the gamemakers start a forest fire with fire balls.Katniss then runs from the fire balls but is sadly hit by one in the leg causing her great pain.She jumped in a small creak to cool off when she meets her first tributes.The careers are running after when she notices Peeta joined them.Glimmer calls to kill her but they chase her up a tree.Cato tries to climb up but can't.They rest under the tree.In the morning,Katniss hears Rue calling her.She Points at a Tracker Jacker nest above her. Katniss then attempts to cut it down and drop it on the careers and Peeta.She succeeds in cutting it with a few bad stings and dropped it on the careers.They all wake up and see the nest,Sadly Glimmer trips on a branch and was stung too many times.She goes through awful trauma and dies.Katniss steals her bow and arrow.Katniss escapes the Tracker Jackers and the careers that fled and faints for 2 days.She wakes up covered in leaves.She hears a sound and looks behind a big tree.There's Rue.
Katniss and Rue become allies and then run around finding food to eat and try to survive.Rue tells Katniss that the careers have a great big pile of the remaining goodies from the bloodbath.Katniss sets out to blow up those supplies because they are surrounded by mines.Katniss tells Rue to light some fires to distract the careers.Katniss goes to the giant pyramid of supplies and attempts to shoot at a bag of apples to deploy the mines.She notices the boy from district 3 guarding.She's about to shoot when Foxface emerges from the bushes and jumps around avoiding the mines in a little dance when she steals many supplies.Katniss sees her leave felling stupid that she didn't shoot at her.Katniss shoots at the bag of apples 3 times and KABOOM!The supplies are blown up and Katniss loses hearing in her left ear due to impact.Katniss flees as she sees Cato angered.She stops to see what he does.He ends up cracking the neck of the boy from 3.Katniss notices that Marvel isn't with the others.She sets out to find Rue.She hears her scream "KATNISS!"Katniss looks down at the mangled little girl in the mesh trap. She runs down to help but she finds out whereMarvel was as he threw a spear into Rue's abdomen.She shoots an arrow through his throat and he chokes on his own blood.Katniss sings to Rue until she dies and adorns her body with flowers.She leaves and looks back at the little girl.Looking smaller than ever and shows the district 12 sign of respect.She sets out to find Peeta.She finds tracks of blood and then finds Peeta camouflaged under some rocks.He has a gash on his thigh.He tells her Cato slashed him.They settle in a cave and are forced to be star-crossed lovers to get more sponsors and get packages.The next day the game makers announce that there can be 2 winners if both originate from the same district.2 days later the game makers announce a feast at The Cornucopia.There is something at that feast everyone desperately needs.Peeta tells Katniss not to go but when he falls asleep,she goes.She starts running but stutters at the sight of movement.Foxface!She was hiding inside The Cornucopia!She takes her pack and flees without having any human contact.Katniss runs in and grabs her pack.She runs out to be met with by a bad surprise.Clove throws a knife into Katniss' forehead she tackles her and pins her to the ground.She taunts her about Rue's death and saying she'll kill her slowly,painfully and gorily.She's just about to cut off her lip when she says 'wanna blow loverboy one last kiss?'she spits out blood and saliva into her face making her flush with rage.'THAT'S IT!'She cuts into her lip when Thresh plucks her off Katniss. She's struggling like an insect as he grabs her from her long braided hair 3 feet off the ground.He yells,'You kill her? you kill that little girl?'She yells'it wasn't me!' 'I HEARD YOU!' She yells out for Cato.But Thresh pulls out the rock from his hand and bashes her skull until it cracks.Katniss hears her let out a low moan 'Cato....Catoooo...'And her cannon blows 'CLOVE!'Cato yells.'Just kill me quick OK Thresh?' 'No. No more owe.I leave you.Just this time 12...For Rue.' 'CLOVE!'the sound was less faint, he was closer.'You might wanna run now fire girl.'Katniss flees but looks back.Cato and Thresh are having a confrontation.1 day later,Thresh dies from Cato in a day long battle,which laeves Cato,Katniss,Foxface and Peeta.When Katniss omes back,Peeta has a big fever so she takes him out for a walk.They go get some food.Peeta picks Nightlock berries.A canon fires.She's worried its Peeta but then sees him hunched over a lifeless,emaciated body...Foxface.She has a handful of Nightlock in her hands 'You killed her Peeta'He did drop some berries.The hovercraft picks up her body.Peeta points out some type of robot that is running towards them.Its Cato wearing the armor he got at the feast.'MUTTS!'yells Katniss. THE GAMES THE DISTRICT 1 TRIBUTES, GLIMMER AND MARVEL ARE CAREER TRIBUTES WHICH MEANS THAT THEY HAVE BEEN TRAINING IN A SPECIAL ACADEMY THEIR ENTIRE LIVES FROM 12 TO 16-17-18.Glimmer was the first of the career tributes to die being killed by too many venimous stings from altered wasps.Marvel was the second tribute to die by Katniss' hand, he got an arrow in the throat as he pierced The district 11 Tribute, Rue. The district 2 tributes Cato and Clove, are the most lethal tributes(Clove being viciously accurate knife throwing and Cato being lethal in every aspect in the games)Clove was the third career killed when the district 11 tribute, Thresh picked her off Katniss and impaled her head with a rock bigger than her head.Cato was killed last being Shredded by the muttations and mercifully killed by Katniss. The district 11 tributes are Thresh and Rue.Rue is 12 years old being the smallest tribute in the games(yet she got a 7 in her training.)She is also allies with Katniss and was killed by Marvel as he threw a spear through her abdomen.Thresh was a sort of gentle giant(until the games started)he was Killed by Cato in a day-long battle as Cato avenged the death of his love,Clove. The district 5 tributes are Foxface(her real name is unknown)the other tribute was unnamed but seemed to be quite lethal getting an 8 in training(this boy was killed at the bloodbath at The Cornucopia sadly)Foxface was extremely sly and elusive with slick red hair and a face similar to a fox(which earned her her nickname)Katniss named her and saw her die(accidentally)by Peeta.She was in the final 4 and was starting to look emaciated.She had to steal unrational amounts of food from others.She was killed when Peeta dropped some poisonous berries and she stole them and ate them.She placed 4th of 24. The tributes of 12 are Katniss and Peeta.Katniss volenteered for her 12 year old sister,Prim.They were brought into the games only to both become Victors and be angered at by The Capitol for tricking them.Katniss Kills both tributes from I and Cato from 2.Peeta accidentally Kills Foxface from 5 leaving him feeling guilty because he's just not that type of person. Cato Clove Glimmer Marvel Thresh Rue The district 5 male Foxface Peeta Katniss
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