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Mexican Independence Day

No description

Johanna Ender

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Mexican Independence Day

Independence Day By Cristina Ender History September 16, 1810
Father Miguel Hildago called his congregation to fight
Wanted independence from Spain
"Grito de Delores"
Sparked eleven years of fighting Sources http://www.peoplesworld.org/a-history-of-mexican-independence-day/
http://www.2020site.org/fun-facts/Fun-Facts-About-Mexican-Independence-Day.html The Celebration Today September 16th of each year
Traditional dress and reenactments/parades
Large parties
Grito ceremony
Decorations, food, and music Clothing Men dress as charros
Women wear china poblanas
Traditional dress is mostly for parades
Most people wear the colors of the flag
Mustaches are also popular Food Chiles en nogada (only eaten during September)
Ponche made with seasonal fruits
Other traditional dishes Music and Decorations Live mariachi bands
“Si no tienes mariachi,
no es fiesta.”
Papel picado in flag colors
Noisemakers and flags The Grito
Ceremony 11 pm on September 15th
All gather in the plaza
Government official rings bell and leads the Grito
Sing the national anthem
Fireworks Similarities Much like Independence Day in the US
Same reason
Flags, parades, decorations
Festive foods
Fireworks at night Differences Different dates
US: writing the Declaration
Mexico: starting a war
Mexico has more historical meaning
No national ceremony in the United States El Día de Independencia en México es un día muy festivo. La gente de México celebran en el dieciséis de septiembre para recordar Padre Hidalgo y la indepedencia de la gente. Hoy en día, las personas llevan ropa tradicional y los colores de la bandera. La gente comen comidas especiales, como por ejemplo chiles en nogada. Hay mariachis, desfiles, fuegos artificiales, y la ceremonia de grito. El Día de Independencia en México es como el Día de Independencia en los Estados Unidos porque los dos celebran con comida, decoraciones, y fuegos artificiales. Son diferentes porque están en días diferentes y los Estados Unidos no tiene una ceremonia nacional.
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