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US History Semester Project

No description

Desi Wickus

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of US History Semester Project

Imagination: How one man's vision created a success JOhn Hughes has been a writer, producer, and director in film making since the mid 1970s. A majority of the movies that he helped to create became hits: Weird Science included. Weird Science, which came to theaters in 1985, is a movie about a couple of nerdy teenage boys who decide to create the perfect woman in an attempt to make their lives better. The movie was a hit. Even though it's eccentric and quirky, no one can watch it without laughing. "It's a picture that has always managed to tickle me, generating hugh laughs with painful teen mortification," said Brian Orndorf in a review of the movie. After unleashing his creative side, it only took Hughes two days to write the screenplay for Weird Science. Weird Science was such a success that nine years later a tv show was created based on the movie. It was also called Weird Science. Hughes also contributed to the success of many other popular movies made in the 1980s, such as Sixteen candles and the breakfast club. Unfortunately, John Hughes died this last August of a heart attack, and will not be creating any more masterpieces for us to enjoy. But thanks to movies like weird science, we will always remember John Hughes for his incredible sense of imagination and creativity.
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