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Elizabeth Messina

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Judaism

Sacred Stories and Myths Sacred Entities, Art and Architecture Religious Communities Extra! Extra!
Read all about it-Judaism! Judaism Christian By: Emily DeVoto, Rebecca O'Neill, Elizabeth
Messina, Ellie Romano, and Dorian Harvey Joshua: The Battle of Jericho Religious Communities Ancient Jews Medieval Jews Modern Jews Sacred Entities, Art and Architecture Essences
Hellenized Jews Ashkenazic
Hasidic Mysticism Orthodox
Reform Joshua became the leader after Moses' death
He was very faithful to God and did what He told him to do, which is everything "Israel is supposed to be"
He was given a mission to cross the river Jordan and take back the land of Canaan
Everyday for six days he had his troops and priests carrying The Ark of the Covenant march around the walls of the city of Jericho once
On the seventh day, they marched around, and called out a signal before storming the walls.
They pillaged the city, and the only one saved was Rahab, a prostitute who helped Joshua mislead the king's men, and her family. * Torah Scroll
* Synagogue
* Modesty Religious experience Jewish vs. Torah Scroll The most sacred object in Judaism is the Torah
Scroll. The scroll remains dressed at all times, unless
it is being used for readings. When reciting from the
scroll, the reader may use a yad, or pointer to follow
along with the scriptures and avoid touching it. If
even a single letter is erased over time, the scroll
becomes unsuitable for use, until it is restored to
its full potential. When it has become to worn for
restoration it is taken to a Jewish cemetery
for burial. Synagogue A synagogue usually exists is every Jewish
community and is shaped like a rectangle
with seating on three of the sides. Orthodox
synagogues have separate seating for men and
women while modern synagogues allow them
to mix. At the center of the synagogue is the
bimah, and the Ark is at front, where the
Torah is kept. Modesty Reform
Its leaders accept the findings of modern biblical scholarship and emphasize the moral laws in the Torah
They adapted the traditional liturgy, rejected the customs
In recent years they have ordained women as Rabbis *Men cover their heads with
a kippah to show their respect for
*Married religious women
often wear a head covering, such
as a wig, scarf or hat. Orthodox
The men must keep their heads covered throughout the whole service
There are 3 main commandments that they must keep
All orthodox jews believe in one God- Hashem and that the jews are his chosen people Roman Catholic
Catholics believe the authority of the church lies within the hierarchy of the church
Catholics believe that truth is found in the Bible
The Roman Catholic Church appoints all male, and almost all unmarried clergy. The Patriarchs and their experiences
Abraham-God speaks to him and tells him to follow one God
Isaac-Is almost sacrificed, was a miracle child.
Jacob-Received the birthright through God working through his mothether Moses and The Second Major experience
Moses' story-Moses was born a Hebrew child, but was saved by a Egyptian Family.He then was exposed to his true mission in life to Guide Gods people
Moses as Guide-Leading the people to the Promised Land, Direct interaction with God on Mount Sinai. Mysticism Gods interaction with the world and people around us. How He connects and portrays His
messages. Comes in examples of God sending Angels, or Visions, or revealing himself Protestant
Protestants believe the authority of the church lies within the believer.
Protestants elect mostly male, single or married clergy Follow a book of rules and sacred stories -Bible and Torah Jewish Apple Cake It can be considered to be a traditional Jewish desert because it contains no dairy, and it may therefore be eaten with meals containing meat, in accordance with Jewish laws of kashrut. David Two different stories in the Old Testament
One version where he played in the King's choir
The other version (More well-known)
David as a young man kills Goliath, a large giant terrorizing the people, with only a slingshot
David was destined to be king, and was anointed by Samuel without King Saul's knowledge
He reigned as king for a long time and lived a prosperous life until he committed adultery with a woman named Bathsheba
Bathsheba's husband was a soldier in his army when she became pregnant. David sent her husband home so he would believe the child was his own.
God punished David by killing Bathsheba's child, and cursing his lineage Samson Samson was a man who exploited against the Philistines. He was blessed by God with strength.
Stories tell of him killing a lion barehanded, slaughtering thirty Philistines, and even setting three hundred foxes on fire in the Philistines' fields. When he was captured he broke free of his bonds and killed 1,000 Philistines with a donkey jawbone.
He eventually fell in love with a woman named Delilah, who was bribed by the Philistines to find out his secret.
Unable to resists the lure of women, he tells her his consecration to God is the length of his hair.
Later when he falls asleep, she cuts his hair, and he gets captured. His hair grew back and one day in the temple he pushed the pillars over, killing himself and all the Philistines at the scene. Beliefs and Teachings Who is God? Many names for God:
Yahweh, Adonai, Tzur Israel.
Written as G-d
"God is one, not many"
Judaism is a monotheistic religion, contradicting the popular beliefs of ancient civilizations in many gods.
"God is one, not three"
This statement opposes the belief in the Holy Trinity. Although this does not mean Jews completely dismiss the idea of a "god-man" because they believe that all people are made in the image and likeness of God.
"God is one, not none"
In an attempt to counter contemporary athiesm, Judaism tries to explain that God created humans, they did not create him and do not exist independently from him.
Both believe in a devine The Covenant and Ten Commandments The covenant with Abraham is so important to Jews because they believe, that at this point, for the first time in human history, God forged a personal bond with a people. This bond could not go without certain rules, the Ten Commandments.
The first three three have to do with God
The final six, with fellow people.
The fourth commandment, "Honor thy mother and father," bridges these two groups, God is your father, but still honor your parents. The general summary of the Ten Commandments is "Love thy neighbor as thyself," which is central to nearly all religions. The Afterlife Judaism generally focuses on the "here and now," very few references to an afterlife are made in the Torah.
Some Jewish denominations believe in reincarnation, while others are waiting for the Resurrection.
No matter what belief in the after life a Jew has, they must live out the Ten Commandments in order to get there. Ritual and Worship Conservative
Started by Dr. Solomon Schechter under the aegis of the United
Hebrew is the main language of the liturgy, but the native language of the worshippers is used as well.
Men and women may sit together, and many conservative congregations have choirs and even organs
It is expected that Shabbot and dietary laws be followed. Ritual and Worship * Death Rituals
*The Sabbath
*Types of Prayer Death Rituals * The week after a person dies,
the family and friends all gather
and mourn the death of the loved
* May not be cremated
* Must be buried within 24 hours
*Yahrzeit candle lit on
anniversary The Sabbath The Sabbath day is a celebration
between God and the Jewish people
honoring the covenant among
his people. Types of Prayer 1. Prayers of Thanksgiving
2. Prayers of Praise
3. Prayers that ask for things Mystics The best example of a mystic in Judaism is Abraham, another is Moses.
In Catholicism an example of a mystic would be Teresa Of Avila Kabbalah Kabbalah is getting in touch with the soul by addressing life's questions. It allows you to open yourself up to God and receive guidance and answers from his direct guiding presence.
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