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RegionUP your Success Rate!

No description

William Ong

on 31 January 2017

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Transcript of RegionUP your Success Rate!

Some of our Clients
Get connected to
Top 20% of Asia's workforce
! Search intelligently through 600,000
Mid to Senior
executives. Identify
candidates and engage them
RegionUP Your Success Rate!
Fact Sheet
Largest platform for Mid to Senior Candidates in Asia
Regional Database & Job Board
Key Markets - Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand
600,000 curated Mid to Senior Executives (salary > USD 50,000/year)
700 new candidate registration DAILY
Premium Candidates (active/ready-to-move)
High ROI
Resume Database Access
Search and Access candidate profiles based on keywords and filters
Curated Candidates
Identify active/ready-to-move candidates at one glance
Full CV + Personal Contact info of all candidates
Scout Mail
Demographic by Functions
Job Posting

Up to 4x more relevancy than other job platforms with our Intelligent Talent Matching AI
Regional Exposure for your Jobs
Unlimited Job Postings
Be directed to relevant + active candidates after job postings
What are your Challenges?
Let's discuss how RegionUP can help overcome some of your challenges.
William Ong
Sales Director, Singapore | Thailand
M: +65 9061 2292
E: William.Ong@bizreach.co.jp
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