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Daring Dance

No description

lis lab3

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Daring Dance

Daring Dance
By: Alexa and Brianna
The goal of this sport is to get a high score
at the competition and along the way get flexible
Brianna: I dance at Talk of the Town
Alexa: I dance at Front and Center
Dance has been around since the begining
of time. There are a lot of different kinds of dancing.
In Dance some terms are, Plea,
arabesque, round de jamb,
grand plea,point, flex and many more.

In dance classes you need a leotard,shorts,tights, water, jazz shoes, tap shoes ballet shoes, point shoes and half soles.
Sophia Lucia
Sophia Lucia was born on September 7, 2002. Sophia is currently 13.Sophia is a beautiful dancer and has appeared on Dancing with the stars, America's got talent, Shake it up, So you think you can dance and Dance Moms. Sophia beat the world record of 54 pirouettes , by doing 55 pirouettes. A pirouette's meaning is," To whirl about."Sophia was at a very young age when she started competing. She still holds national titles. Sophia has been dancing for about 11 years. Sophia Lucia is a true inspiration and is a wonderful dancer that is why I choose to do our small bio on Sophia Lucia.
Thank you for watching our prezi about dance
Alexa: I started dance when I was 2

Brianna: I started dance when I was 3
Maddie Zeigler is born on September
30,2002. Maddie is 13 right know. She doesn't
just do dance she is a model,actress.She was in a music video for Sia in Chandelier,and Elastic heart.
Maddie stars in Dance moms. Her strongest dance is Tap. All the money from acting,and modeling,goes to charity. Maddie can also dance with anyone.
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