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Math Word Problems in the Movies

No description

Angela Honeycutt

on 3 August 2012

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Transcript of Math Word Problems in the Movies

Math Word Problems
in the MOVIES...
Ever feel like THIS when looking at a WORD PROBLEM???
The local train, carrying 40 passengers, leaves Phoenix at 7:30 bound for Santa Fe. It's eight cars long and always carries the same number of passengers in each car. At the first stop, an hour after leaving Phoenix, a number of passengers equal to half the number of minutes past the hour get off, but three times as many plus six get on.

How many passengers are in each car as the train leaves Phoenix?

How many passengers get off the train at the first stop?

How many passengers get on the train at the first stop?

How many passengers are now on the train as it leaves its first stop?
If hot dogs are packed with 10 dogs per pack, and the hot dog buns are packaged with 8 buns per pack, how many packages of hot dogs and how many packages of buns must be purchased so that the consumer will have an equal amount?
During a holiday season, additional workers are hired to meet the demand for boxes of candies. As additional workers are hired, the number of cases packed per day for 5 days increases: 80 cases, 160 cases, 320 cases, 640 cases, 1280 cases.

How many cases are packed in these five days?

If this increased pattern continues, how many cases will be packed on the 10th day?

How many total cases will be packed in these 10 days?
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