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Intro to DSC-UCF WC

No description

Joy Bancroft

on 6 November 2017

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Transcript of Intro to DSC-UCF WC

For students, staff, & faculty of Daytona State College and the University of Central Florida
Call 386-506-3297
Available on all regional campuses
Every stage of the writing process
Connect with us!
follow us on twitter
subscribe to our YouTube
Last 45 minutes
One-on-one or groups
Face-to-face or virtual
Call ahead to have a guaranteed appointment
Drop in and ask if any appointments are available
Up to 3 appointments/week
Cancel if you can't make it!
The Spaces
In parting, Steve, the writing centaur, wants to remind you to SOAR by optimizing the academic resources of the Learning Commons!
(ASC, Library, & WC)
(A centaur is mythological creature that is part man, part horse. Steve, the writing centaur, is the writing center's mascot.)
follow us on pinterest
like us on facebook
DSC-UCF Writing Center
Every reason
to write
You don't have to be writing to use our space
Study & work - alone or in groups
Play with toys or games to relax or brainstorm
Rearrange the furniture & get comfortable
Have a request? Ask us!
Lab Reports
Business Letters
Theses & Dissertations
Resumes & Cover Letters
Scholarship & Application Essays

New Smyrna Beach-Edgewater
Flagler-Palm Coast
Daytona Beach
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