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The Roles of Educational Stakeholders

This presentation outlines the similarities and differences between the 5 main stakeholders in education

Courtney Gibbons

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of The Roles of Educational Stakeholders

Roles of Stakeholders Cont. A System of Checks and Balances Define professionalism in eduction? "Professionalism in education is a person who is well educated, meets all the state standards, and has excellent communication skills."- Administrator

"I feel that professionalism is shown through the organization; primarily through conduct, appearances, and attitudes of the school and staff"- Parent What ethical issues do your encounter in your position? "The health and safety of the students."- Union Member

"It is the responsibility of the principal of the school to promote social norms in the school however everyone does not consider the same things normal"- Principal Roles of Stakeholders Roles of Educational Stakeholders Courtney Gibbons, Daria Martin,Ashley Swank, Debra Pietras, Brittany Thompson, Jennifer Martel
October 15, 2012
Dr. James Russo The roles of each stakeholder in a school district provide an integral part to the entire organization. Each stakeholder plays a significant role related to teacher professional conduct:
School Board- Elected officials of the community. They determine the teacher conduct guidelines and hold the power to hire and fire teachers and administrators.

District Director of Personal- Collaborates with internal and external personnel. Administers a wide variety of personnel policies, processes and employment agreements

Administrators- Oversee daily operations of their individual school, provided by the school board . The enforcers of teacher conduct guidelines.

Union Representative- Teacher advocates

Parents- Members of the community who vote for members of the school board based on individual morals and values. Their expectations, complaints, and opinions are highly regarded by the other stakeholders. Similarities
Stakeholders Roles: Differences
Stakeholders Roles: Plays a vital role in professionalism in education

Holds authority

Shares a common goal:
providing a quality education to students Legal Issues

Ethical Issues

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