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Adia S.

No description

Adia Stevenson

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Adia S.

Money Earned
Montana pays $ 60,030 yearly
U.S. pays $ 84,460 yearly
Jobs in the Future
326 in Montana
61,400 in the U.S.
Public Health Educator
Skills Needed
Problem Solving
Manage People, Time, and Objects
Speak clearly to upset people
3 Possible Careers
Public Health Educator
Real Estate Agent
Adia S. Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, Education, and Training, Marketing
What will the work be like
Work with animals and humans any mood
Work around diseases that may be contagious
Weekends and Holidays will be work days
Travel to care for large animals
Be exact in your work
Education Required
High School GED
Two Years of Pre Vet School
Pass a State Liscencing Exam
Study Anatomy, Physiology, Animal Science, Computer Applications, Food and Nutrition, Safety and First Aid
What Will the Work be Like
Form good relationships with other people
Indoors and on a computer alot
Repeat the same tasks alot
Go to alot of meetings
Have to be very accurate in your work
What Skills do You Need
Communicate easily
Good listening skills
Solve problems
Manage your schedule
Work calmly with others
Education Required
Bachelors Degree
Foriegn languages
Intro to Health care
Food and nutrition
Computer applications
Safety and First Aid
How Much will You Earn
Montana $36, 580 Yearly
U.S. $48, 790 Yearly
Will There Be Jobs in the Future
Montana 314 Jobs
U.S. 63, 400 Jobs
Real Estate Agent
What the Work will be like
Deal with people disagreeing
Indoors and outdoors
Sit down for a long period of time
Be very accurate
Help people buy, rent or sell properties
Work more than 40 hours a week
Travel to show clients properties
Skills Needed
Communicate and understand what a client is looking for
Solve problems
Figure out prices
Math for prices
Manage schedules
Persuade and help people buy properties
Education Required
Complete Real Estate Practice training
Interior Design
Principles of Advertising
Principles of sales
How Much will You Earn
Montana $36, 800 Yearly
U.S. $39, 140 Yearly
Will There Be Jobs in the Future
Montana 1, 283
U.S. 367, 500
I would most likely be a vet because I love working with animals, and medical science interests me
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT
8 Years
I am not a big fan of this college, but it has a great medical science program that will help me get into Pre-Vet school
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