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BIM for Field

No description

Hao L.

on 30 July 2015

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Transcript of BIM for Field

BIM for Field
Access Linked File From Vu
Access File from Dropbox
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Access File for Autodesk 360
BIM doesn't change what we do, only change how we do it.
Thinking you're driving out of the showroom with this...
Realizing you're getting this...
Finding out you're really maintaining this...
Identifies Issues and deficiencies:
Design Error
Improper Installation
Fail Equipment
Poorly Tuned control/improper Sequences
Deferred maintenance issue
Post occupancy modifications
3D Coordination
Field Observation
3D Model Review
Pressure/Temperature port inaccessible
Valve @ 14’ AFF!

VFD running in “hand” mode.
CW valve pneumatic tubing not connected
Damper actuator limited by copper tubing
AHU pump bypass open due to non-functionality
Lack of air vents at change in elevation will trap air in the system
The relief louver is too close to the outside air intake causing the air to recirculate.
QA/QC & Punchlist
Perform diagnostic monitoring and testing (TAB verification, FPT, etc.)
Chilled Water Supply Temperature tested @ 48˚F….supposed to be 42˚F. Cause = lines reversed @ Central Plant.
Clogged Strainers
VAV Boxes with wrong calibration coefficient
Building under negative pressure
Domestic hot water was tested at 133°F!
Controls would not allow damper at min. position during unoccupied period
Duct had been removed
Check coil, filter and cased
Check Belt is on and check belt Tension

Conduct design, constructability and maintainability review:
3D Model Completeness: Ceiling, Access space; hanger, AV items, valves, equipment pads...
Use system based approach: review by mechanical, system, electrical system, plumbing system... then subsystems: Hot water, Chilled water, and condensing water...
Consistency: each floor and each equipment shall have same level of development: 100 level, 200 level, 300 level...
Conduct design review:
Review, review, review (Fresh set of eyes)
Meeting owner project requirement
Develop suggestion and recommendation - ensure no other potential impact
Deliver in timely manner
Record and describe issue into log
Missing pipe size
Missing valves
Label inconsistent CHW vs. CHS No "SHWS " in legend
Missing ceiling
Ductwork is below ceiling
Missing furniture
Panel is behind the cabinet
Too many bends
Fire tanks are right outside the exit door
Wrong size pull box
Missing sprinkler branches and sprinkler head
MEPS Coordination Review:
Each discipline shall be 4" away from other disciplines
Conduct 3D model completeness review before running clash detection
Taking into consideration of the elements that are not in the model: insulation, hangers, supports, valves, pipe that is less than 2", AV, access space, connections
Provide potential solution and recommendation
Ductwork vs cable tray
Pipe vs Duct vs Structure
Sprinkler head vs. Lighting
Sprinkler pipe vs Duct vs Structure
Pipes vs roof
Ductwork vs cable tray
VAV box vs U beam
Inform owner of project progress
document deficiencies and issue observed
Team should document observations with photographs when possible
Report content - be clear, concise and accurate
Be prepared - latest open items, drawings and specifications, submittals, checklist, tests...
Missing drain pan
Rough-in ductwork is 8'-6", the ceiling high in corridor is 9'-0".
Can't access control panel. Planning for maintenance access starts during the Design and coordination
FPT Issues
Controls allowed OA damper & RA damper to close at the same time!
Short cycling of chillers
Negative building pressure issues (couldn’t open the doors on the building).
Boiler testing = could not maintain system design operating supply temperatures
Use QAQC checklist/punchlist:
Bathroom punchlist; Corridor punchlist; Above ceiling checklist; fire-stopping checklist; start-up checklist;
Ensure all items are installed, at the right location with the right quantity,
Ensure all items are installedper drawing & spec.
Above Ceiling Punchlist
Insulation is damaged
No Flow Measurement Devices
Design Review Checklist
Access File from Google Drive
Access File from OneDrive
Issue List
Create quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) issues
Create and automatically distribute work-to-complete lists for trades and other parties.
Create and manage issues and checklists on an mobile device in the field.
See the current status of project issues.
Compile quality, safety, or commissioning checklist results for specific trades, areas of work, and/or time periods.
Manage quality by checklist
Pushpin construction issues on the drawing
Track key performance indicators
Clash Detection
Model is accessible to every team member and streamline review process.
Run clash detection tools on clouds, coordinated project model in cloud, team receive instant updates.
BIM 360 Glue Integration with BIM 360 Field to provide and collect BIM object data in the field.
Navigate and interact with models on an iPad
Locate equipment in a model automatically using your iPad, and use pushpins in 3D to mark issues.
Cloud-based multidisciplinary BIM coordination:
Identify and resolve conflicts more effectively
Work with up-to-date project models and data
Send notifications and collaborate with the team
Design Collaboration
Easy access to coordinated single source of truth for BIM data.
Provide secure access—virtually anytime, anywhere—to the most current project data.
Support more effective team communication with notifications and activity tracking.
Collaborative project reviews:
Review project models anytime & anywhere
Annotate project models and send notifications to the team.
BIM 360 Glue - Design
Integrate with Revit, AutoCAD, and AutoCAD Civil 3D software.
Help simplify multidisciplinary BIM coordination workflows
Use BIM 360 Glue for team collaboration
Publish coordinated models from Revit/Navisworks Manage to BIM 360 Glue
Clash pinpoint will show the clash pinpoint in Revit
Upload the latest 3D model views directly from Revit, AutoCAD, and AutoCAD Civil 3D software.
Drag and drop project models into Glue
Automatically manage model versions.
Track project activities with automatic notifications.
Facility Management
Building Operation tool that can create work orders that identify the work activities, a schedule showing assignments, and allow people to request work.
Use custom workflows. Create default equipment types, error codes, and work order statuses
Scheduling preventive maintenance and inspection activities.
Work Order Costs
Manage maintenance and repair costs with reporting.
Real-time tracking allows for improved estimating of cost and labor activities.
Cx Software
Generate Pre-functional checklist (PFC) and functional performance test (FPT)
Record and create checklists and tests from mobile devices

Track and update the statuses of systems and equipment and add issues in the field
Auto Create Cx Reports with embedded documents, internal links, and automatically generated bookmarks
Design Review
Auto Create Cx Reports with embedded checklist, test, photos, documents, internal links, and automatically generated bookmarks
Field Report
Customize with both a project-specific logo and your company logo.
Pictures of equipment, issues, or site progress can be included in your reports. Upload photos to an item, such as an issue or field observation, etc. to include them.
Free File Storage Software
we care
we do
we do it
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