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children of the holocaust:Stella Klingerova

prezi on Stella Klingerova

stephanie guillen

on 2 February 2017

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Transcript of children of the holocaust:Stella Klingerova

Survivors of the Shoah
About the Holocaust
Fate of Jewish Children Categorized
In Five Ways
Where and How she Died
Where They Were Sent
During the Holocaust
Life Changing Events
Stella Klingerova was born on
December 14, 1927.
She was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia.
Stella and her family were deported to Theresienstadt
ghetto in Czechoslovakia in early 1942. The conditions in the ghetto were horrible, people were squeezed together in small places, had to work all day and had bad nutrition and had many typhus-carrying vermin around them. People were selected daily to be deported to Auschwitz or Treblinka to be murdered by the thousands.
In April of 1942 Stella and her parents Gustav and Marie Klingerova were
selected to be deported. They were sent to Auschwitz death camp located in Poland. Stella and her family did not spend much time in Auschwitz as they were killed soon after.
Soon after taken to Auschwitz Stella and her parents were
sent to the gas chambers to be killed. Stella was 14 years old when she was murdered. She was upon the 1.5 million children that died due to the Holocaust.
1.) Children were killed right when they arrived at the death camp.
2.) Children were killed as soon as they were born or in institution.
3.) Children that were born in ghettos and camps survived because prisoners hid them.
4.) Children that were usually 12 or older were used as laborers or were used for medical experiments.
5.) Children were killed during reprisal operations or so called anti-partisan operations.
The Shoah foundation was established in 1994 by director
Steven Spielberg. He made this foundation so that people could
see firsthand testimonies of the people who survived the Holocaust. this was a non profit organization to let people know what was happening in the world and that we shouldn't let this happen ever again. Between 1994 and 1999 the shoah foundation conducted nearly 52000 interviews. All the interviews were about Jewish survivors and political prisoners.
The Holocaust was led by Adolph Hitler and the Natzi
party. another word for the holocaust was Shoah. During the Holocaust approximately 1 million Jewish children were killed, 2 million Jewish women were killed and 3 million Jewish men were killed. The Holocaust was the mass murder of approximately 6 million Jewish people during world war 2.
The holocaust was brought on by Hitlers hatred against all the Jewish population, while also blaming all the problems in Germany and the entire world on them.
The websites I used as a reference to the prezi were:



children of the holocaust:
Stella Klingerova

Place and Date of Birth
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