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Identity Through The Arts

No description

Kelly Huston

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Identity Through The Arts

Who am I?
This is a question that has plagued me for a long time. I have no idea what the answer is, but I feel these things are a part of it.
There aren't words to express how important music is to my life. Not only is it my future teaching career goal, but being a performer myself has changed my life in so many ways. It has given me and opportunity to gain the confidence I have today.
Bonus: While it might not be your thing, take a listen to one of my absolute FAVORITE flute pieces of the moment.
One thing that is constantly shaping who I am and how I act is the fact that I am "The Future". Constantly being reminded that my generation will have to "save the world" is a big responsibility.
Next Generation
"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become."

“Everyday may not be good but there’s something good in everyday.”

“Some pursue happiness; others create it.”
I am my parents daughter. I am the kind of person who never wants to disappoint my parents. When there are decisions to make in my life and I am unsure, I tend to ask myself what my mother would think of me with the decision I have made.
Now, that doesn't always change my mind, but it is important to me.
Part of being a music educator is being an advocate for music. While exploring that part of my future career, I found that I would need to be an advocate for more than just music in schools. I found myself advocating the teaching of well rounded students and for college students to take more responsibility in their education.
Since 2009 I have been with the most amazing guy. He's been my rock, my world, my other half, and so much more. I have been told that basing your identity on another person is a bad idea, and while I subscribe to this theory, a huge part of who I am is because of the ways my amazing fiance (as of October 19th!) has encouraged me to be over the last 5 years.

Bonus: This picture is from the night we got engaged!
My entire life I have struggled with some health issues. When I as in elementary school I
was in physical therapy for an underdeveloped leg and occupational therapy for fine motor skills.
Part of what constantly shapes my identity is the constant question I ask myself. One reoccurring question is "What will I teach the world?". I am always looking for ways to improve how I can educate others.

(I'm the one at the far end of this photo)
Since the day I was born I have been a student. It is only in the last few years that I relized life is a learning experience, but I have always wanted to learn what the world around me has to offer.
During high school I had double jaw surgery to correct the life hampering way my jaws had grown. This surgery ultimately failed in part and two years ago I underwent half the surgery again. These are situations I had not control over, but I had to preserve through.
This is my face after
the first surgery
“I could conquer the world with one hand
if you were holding the other”

“Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge,
others just gargle.”
“Faithless is he who quits when the road darkens.”
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
“Some people think music education is a privilege, but I think it’s essential to being human.”
“Beethoven said that it's better to hit the wrong note confidently, than hit the right note unconfidently. Never be afraid to be wrong or to embarrass yourself; we are all students in this life, and there is always something more to learn.”
"There is no friendship, no love,
like that of the parent for the child."
"Playing a flute is like writing a book. You're telling what's in your heart...It's easier to play if it's right from your heart."
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