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Hitler's Birthday

No description

Sarah Abbonizio

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Hitler's Birthday

Hitler's Birthday By: Sarah Abbonizio How did the Germans celebrate Hitler's birthday? The Germans celebrated Hitler's birthday by having every person in Germany attend his party, the German armies would march in the exact same pace and step with their hands held at their sides, and they would burn books that were written before Hitler came into power. What were some celebrations that took place? Celebrations that took place... Some celebrations that took place during Hitler's birthday were when the soldiers would walk through the streets, there would be a ceremony held inside the ancient Marienburg Castle of the Teutonic Order where the boys said a special oath for Hitler. The Hitler Song was also sang. Special Oath "In the presence of this blood banner which represents our Führer, I swear to devote all my energies and my strength to the savior of our country, Adolf Hitler. I am willing and ready to give up my life for him, so help me God." What the people were required to do... The people of Germany were required to attend the fire; where they burned books and other things, and all of the children were required to wear their uniforms all day.
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