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The Pedestrian. By, Ray Bradury.

No description

Kya Ross

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of The Pedestrian. By, Ray Bradury.

"The Pedestrian" By Ray Brabury
Exposition: Leonard Mead loves to walk instead of using technology. Just like any other night, Mead goes out for his daily walk.
Rising action: As Mr. Mead walks past all the houses, he whispers to them, and asks questions like "What's on Channel 4"
Climax: While Mead is walking, he is pulled over by the only police car in the city. The police car, is actually a robot.
Falling Action: The answers that Mead is saying makes the police think that he is crazy since he isn't using technology.

By: Daniel S, Hassan J , Kya R, and Max C
Resolution: The police considers that Mead is crazy, which makes him take Mead to a psychiatic center
Plot: Leonard Mead is in a time of change. Everyone watches TV instead of going outside. Leonard Mead is the only one who likes to walk, one day he's confronted.
Minor: The police stops Mr. Mead on the street and starts questioning him.
Man vs Man: "Stay still. Stay where you are. Don't move"
He halted
"Put your hands up!"
"But-" he said
Central: Mr. Mead doesn't want to conform to the new age of technology.
Man vs Society: "In ten years of walking by the night or day, for thousands of miles, he had never met another person walking, not one in all that time."
Point of View
The story is in third person limited
Advantages: We know what the main character does
Drawbacks: We only know what he does, and not what he feels.

Point of View
Reason One: It tells how he's different from the others
Reason Two: The story builds on how he acts

Point of View
Other POV 1: If it was told as a third person omniscent it would be a good story, because his feelings would give away his problem
Other POV 2: First person is just like third person omniscent just a different use of vocabulary
Who is the protagonist: Mr. Leonard Mead is the main character
Who/What is the antagonist: The police and he is his own enemy of stopping himself
Examples (Direct): He is strange guy that preferably is alone.

Examples (Direct): Mead is a mid age guy that just walks around because of his disability he is acting as if he were a kid
Examples (Indirect): He has a disorder from his childhood that makes him act like he would if he were a kid.
The place or surroundings where the story is set. The setting is in a city 2053, where crime is low and instead of going outside, everyone stays home and watches TV
A state of mind or feeling. Dreary, depressing, reget, and disappointment.
The mood is dreary because Mr. Mead is just lonely man walking in a city where everyone is inside using technology. "...he would stride off, sending patterns of frosty air before him like the smoke of a cigar"
"... sending patterns of frosty air before him like the smoke of a cigar"
"The cement was vanishing under the flowers, and grass"

Object: Walking; A stress reliever & a way to not conform
Animal: Police car; Enforcement on a unwanted rule
Person: Mr. Mead; Someone not afraid to stand up for what they feel good about

Place: Silence outside; The time has changed, and technology has taken over
Activity: Empty streets; People have choosen to conform.

Thematic statement: When people conform to everyone else's ways, the world will turn against those who dont conform
Example: "Just walking, Mr. Mead?"
"But you haven't explained for what purpose"
"I explained; For air, and to see, and just to walk"
"Have you done this often?"
"Every night for years"
The police car sat in the center of the street with its radio throat faintly humming
"Well Mr. Mead" it said
"Is that all" he asked politely
"Yes" said the voice "Here" there was a sigh, a pop the back door of the police car sprang wide "Get in"

Thematic Link
This reminds us of the movie "Back to the Future", because as time goes on, things change. A person can choose to conform to these ways, or stay firm in what they believe.
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