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Why Is Recess Critical To a 21st Century Classroom

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Emily Frederick

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Why Is Recess Critical To a 21st Century Classroom

The Success of Our Students Is In Our Hands By: Physical Benefits Social/Emotional
Benefits Behavioral Benefits The Importance of Recess in 21st Century Classrooms Andrea, Emily, Hope, and Mara Physical Benefits Decrease of Obesity Decrease of boredom Helps students behavior in the classroom Physical Benefits
Decrease in Obesity Recess helps students stay active A good way to keep their body staying healthy Physical Benefits Allowing students the opportunity to move around helps them stray away from becoming bored Decrease of Boredom When students are forced to sit in their sits all day long they lose focus and have a hard time learning. Behavioral aspects This means that students have been sitting too long and need to release energy.
Signs of disruptive behaviors:
a wandering mind
general off-task behavior Surplus Energy Theory Teaches appropriate etiquette:

-Inside vs. Outside voices
-When running is appropriate
-Sharing ADHD Prevalence
*6-16% of American children are diagnosed with ADHD
*studies show keeping children from playing could be a cause WHY WE ARE LOSING RECESS Teachers say it is taking up critical academic time Schools are worried about liability issues. If a child were to get hurt or bullied the school could be in serious trouble AYP and NCLB Gives students a chance to meet and interact with other students in their classroom and possibly other classrooms if the school lets them have a mixed class recess "socialized recess” is important because it suggests dedicated areas for different games and you can have trained student leaders
^ gives them an active role
helps them feel important broaden their vocabularies gain better communication skills More Social Benefits Recess allows students the ability to try new sports and hobbies which can then help them make friends that enjoy the same things as they do Studies show that young children that have recess have a better self esteem then students that don’t have it. Studies show that even just 15 minutes of recess helps children behave better than those who have none. A simple walk outdoors could be a form of recess for those with ADHD. Found to increase attention and concentration test scores
also improved focus
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