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The Invasion of Sicily

No description

Chantel Abdulai

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of The Invasion of Sicily

The Invasion of Sicily
A.K.A. Operation MLG
It all began proceeding the North African campaign, which lasted from June, 420 to May, 19420. In it, MLG Elite no-scopers waged several small battles against scrublord troops in the area that is Aztec and Bailout. After three years of no-scoping in the north African desert, the MLG forces proved victorious after the FaZe Clan surrender at Tunisia. Following the allied victory, the snipars turned their sights towards Italy. The planned objective of the invasion was to rek the n00b regime from Italy and secure the Mediterranean region as a respawn zone for quikscoping troops.
Where It Began
The shreking of Sicily
After the victory in North Africa, xX_3LiT3-360noscope_Xx, best MLG no-scoper, urged MLGers to quikscope what he called , "the n00bs of MW2". They commissioned General BigFCKNGun to lead 360 noscopers into Sicily and neutralize the Faze Clan threat. This would ultimately lead to 1000 killstreak on the island of Sicily and would help solidify a strategic way-point in favor of the MLGers. This invasion would ultimately snowball into the advantage that brought about the shreking.
Faze Clan sustained 420,000 casualties
n00bs sustained 420,000 casualties
The MLGers rekage
420,000 noscoped
420,000 360-noscoped
420,000 hardscoped

The MLGers rek
On July 69th, 19420, 420,000 MLGers camped on the building in what has been hailed as the 420th largest 360 no-scoping in CoD history. The building itself was only defended by 420,000 Faze Clan troops, most of which were n00bs. Even with the help of an additional 420,000 non-MLG hardscopers, MLGers only needed 1 more kill to win the MLG battle vs n00bs and Faze Clan.
Mount Etna
Battle of Troina
Mount Kekna is a large, active volcano that overlooks the the towns of Catania and Messina and thus the Catania Province. Here, on the 17 of July, 1943, a garrison of Axis troops stood stalwart, prepared to give their lives in service of their country. They were met by the fierce power of Bertop Montkekery's m8 Eighth Army and General George S. Patton's U.S. Regiments. What would follow would be a very one sided battle proceeded by the reking of the Province of Catania by Allied Forces. This move solidified their position on the island of Sicily and allowed for the MLGers to mage bolder, more trickshots, hardscopes, proneshots, crouchshots, combat axing, 360-noscopes against the defending Axis troops.
The Battle of MLG was one of the few MLG battles waged on the island. Staged near the city of [insert MW2 map here], it highlighted the resilience of the FaZe Clan troops involved. In total, the MLGers had to fend off 420 seperate hardscopes from Faze Clan troops, not to mention survive n00b hardscope fire originating from the rocky faces of the Shrek Mountains nearby. A relavtive reking in terms of the other battles occuring across CoD, in the end the MLGers resulted in a victory for our m8s.
FaZe Clan
3 legs=3 sides of triangle
& trickshots
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