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My Book Report

No description

Turtle Sharky

on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of My Book Report

I chose this book because
I chose this book because it's a good fantasy book and it's one of my favorite book in the world.
My Favorite Part
My favoite part of the book is when Percy (Spoiler Alert) gets in Camp HalfBlood and finds out that Grover is a
satyr, a mythological Greek being that is half goat and half human. He
has the upper body of a
human and the legs and
horns of a goat.
I like this part because I get to see Percy meeting a new person.
Here is a very quick summary
Percy thought he was a ordinary boy untill this point. One day Percy and his mom went on a trip but on that night thunder was roaring. but they heard a knock, it was Grover. He said to get in the car and as soon as they got into the car, there was a monster chasing them. you will have to read the book to fiind out what happens next!!
Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief
By: Rick Riordan
Made by Isabella Cho
Percy Jackson-He is the one who basically leads the story.
Annabeth Chase- She is one of Percy's friend he meets at camp that helps him in his journey.
Grover Underwood- He is Percy's best friend who helps him too.
I like this part because
You should add this to your reading list because (2 reasons)
It has alot of action and breath taking battles that
fly of the pagesstraight to your imagination
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