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Nancy Drew

Sophie Herring and Sally-Forth Heaney-Garzoli

Bambi Herring

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Before the series heroine was titled "Nancy Drew"; "The Stella Strong Stories", "The Nan Nelson Stories", "The Diana Drew Stories" and other variations were considered. The Series The character Nancy Drew was created by Edward Stratemeyer, famed creator of "The Hardy Boys" In the original novels, which were first published in 1930, Nancy is the 16 year old daughter of Carson Drew, a famous attorney. It is said that her mother died when Nancy was aged 10. The Character In 1959 the series was revisited and revised for current audiences. These changes included Nancy’s age being bumped up to 18 as well as eliminating racial stereotypes that were accepted at the time the original novels were written but were no longer appropriate. Nancy is able to focus her attention on solving mysteries as she has already graduated from school. Nancy's close friend is Helen Corning and she often accompanies Nancy whilst on her adventures. Though Stratemeyer created plot lines for the series, the stories were written by numerous ghost writers. All of the books are published under the name "Carolyn Keene". One of the most well known contributors to the series was Mildred Wirt Benson whose depiction of Nancy was often critiqued by Stratemeyer and editor Harriet Adams. 1930 1940 1955 1961 1975 1985 1995 2003 "To avoid rousing suspicion Nancy would pretend to be an actress named Dru Gruen" Detective Style (Keene 1931 p. 146) "Don’t be fooled. The girl calling herself Irene Insbuck is really Nancy Drew. She’s a detective..." (Keene 1963, p. 87) In 2003 as well as the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories officially ending a new series, Nancy Drew-Girl Detective, was introduced. Multiple computer and video games have been based around the character of Nancy Drew. Over 200 million Nancy Drew novels have been sold Worldwide.
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