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The Elizabethan view of the universe

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Denise Koller

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of The Elizabethan view of the universe

The Elizabethan view of the universe

by Denise Koller
General information
View of the universe: Ptolemaic system and Copernicus theory
Nature, creation and man in Elizabethan times
General Information
Queen Elizabeth I's reign (1558 - 1603)

flowering of poetry, music and literature

momentary peace between religious / political battles (continued in the 17th century)

scientific progress despite lack of structure in research
Two opposing theories
The Ptolemaic System
Earth = center of the solar system and the universe
Each planet moves on an epicycle that moves on the deferent
The Copernican System
Heliocentrism = sun is the center of the universe

one error: orbits are ellipses, not perfect circles

Introduction: Chain of Beings

Introduction: Chain of Beings
View of Man and Nature
3 levels of Creation: Moving and Fixed stars in the Aethereum; Earth; Man's social and political world

strict hierarchy of lifeless and living things (all of God's creation)
View of Man and Nature
correspondences between levels of Creation

man's heart = sun
man's head = noblest stars
man's passions = earthquake / storm
man's world of goverment = countless analogies
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