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Blogging for Business

No description

Sarah Russell

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Blogging for Business

Blogging for Business What is a blog Entertain
Inform How could blogs be used in business? What is a blog? Flexible central hub for information.
Drive traffic to your website.
Helps with customer acquisition and retention goals.

Demonstrate your expertise.
Prove your credibility to your customer.
Become an authority in your industry.
Be found by new customers searching for information your keywords.
Build relationships with other bloggers, through guest blogging and sharing links to each other’s sites. Is strategy important? Goals . Themes . Keywords
Audience . Style . Structure
Measure . Improve . Achieve Online Magazine Considerations Investment
Dedication Help the reader achieve something! Further to this, with a blog you can: Identify your content themes Know your reader Brainstorm content ideas Focus on people and
skip the promotion Brand journalism Differentiate or die Use different content types Be prepared with an
editorial calender So, how do you approach blogging? Promote
& Engage! Deal With Negativity in a Positive Way How to cope at uni
The impact of bus cuts on older people in rural areas
5 top tips for losing weight over 50 Let's Blog! Blog style Blog structure Industry examples Let's Blog! How to approach blogging Planning Paying reader? I like this I have to share! Industry Examples
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