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Genevieve Larkin and Christian Nolan

No description

Pete Regeski

on 7 November 2017

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Transcript of Genevieve Larkin and Christian Nolan

The most dangerous animal
to humans in America is the
white tailed deer.

Deer are the most deadliest
animals in America mostly due
to them running in front of cars
and making people slam on their
brakes or swerving out of the way.
" In fact they are due to accidents
such as vehicle collisions, as the
startled creatures skitter out in front of
cars"( " Forget alligators, snakes and
bears-the most dangerous animal in
all of America is the humble DEER,
with cows and horses not far behind").
" but its the deer that are the deadliest ,
killing 120 people a year, on average"
(" Forget alligatars, snakes and bears the most dangerous animal in all of America is the humble DEER with cows and horses not far behind").

Daily Mail
Deer carry Lyme diseasethat
goes to 13,000 people each year.
" Economic damage to agriculture,
timber and landscaping by deer totals
more than 1.2 billion dollars a year"
( Ronald Bailey). " White tailed deer number
between 23 and 24 million"( Ronald Bailey).
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