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Christopher Perry

on 13 December 2014

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Transcript of Brazil

Brazil: A Subregion of Latin America
By Naomi Raicu, Micah Sweet, and Christopher Perry
If you visit Brazil the first place you should go is the Amazon River. The Amazon is one of the most beautiful things you will ever see. The river is surrounded by rainforest, where you can see many animals and birds. In the river lives the pink dolphin. The site is pretty but coolest part about the river is that the Amazon is the largest river in the world.
Amazon River and Rainforest
Micah's slide
Recreation in Brazil
Micah's slide
Whole Group, Continued
A picture of Brazil and its neighboring countries, below.
Amazon River
Whole Group
By Naomi Raicu, Micah Sweet, and Christopher Perry
Relative Location of Brazil
Brazil is east of Bolivia, north of Paraguay, south of Suriname and Venezuela, and west of the Atlantic Ocean.
The national sport is fútbol(soccer). Most likely because Brazil is giant and there is lots of room.
People in Brazil love soccer, during big soccer games school could be canceled. Then they all go to a friends house and watch soccer as a way to socialize.
When people can't afford soccer balls, they make balls out of socks and other materials. This shows how much Brazilians love soccer and how money doesn't get in there way of having fun. I thought Brazil was pretty well off,but maybe some people aren't.
Water activity's such as swimming, surfing, fishing, boating, and just hanging out on the beach are happening constantly. Most likely because of the giant ocean east of them.
Every morning and throughout the day people take walks around the parks.
They are able to do this because of the giant rainforest in Brazil which gives them the beautiful parks. The warm climate year round, so it's never to cold for a walk.
In Brazil there is always some music going on somewhere, so Brazilians dance all the time especially the Samba. Again Brazil is giant so they have lots of room to have big dances.
People with all different amounts of money dance. This is another way how people don't let money get in there way. Brazilians don't let money get in there way and alays want to have fun
Why is Brazil a Subregion?
Brazil is a subregion because the whole area has some things in common. One of those things the area has in common is that it is subject to droughts. Another thing the area has in common is that it has mostly tropical and warm climate zones. These things make Brazil a subregion.
Climate Types of Brazil
Brazil has the Tropical Wet, Tropical Wet and Dry, Semiarid, Marine West Coast, and Humid Subtropical climate types. The region has the Tropical Wet and Tropical Wet and Dry climate types because of those parts of Brazil's wetness and dryness - in a tropical area. It has a Semiarid climate type in some areas in the country because of those areas' levels of dryness. It has Marine West Coast climate areas because of those areas' nearness to water, and those areas' getting of cool water currents from ocean, which influences their weather. Finally, Brazil has Humid Subtropical climate areas because of those areas' hot wet summers and mild wet winters.
Foods Eaten in Brazil
Lots of meat is eaten in Brazil. This is most likely because Brazil exports lots of meat to other countries - some of the Brazilian livestock that becomes that meat must be the meat that is eaten in Brazil. One of those exported meats is pork. Brazil's great climate for growing food for the livestock may be one of the key reasons animals can be successfully raised in Brazil. Some foods in Brazil are made with meat, like
, which has beans, pork, and sausage in it.
Meat in Brazil
Coffee and Other Crops in Brazil
People drink coffee a lot in Brazil. This is most likely because of the whole country's mostly warm climate, and
of rainfall in some places in the country, which are both helpful for crops to grow. The overall warm climate that, in some places in Brazil lasts for a lot of the year, allows
of crops to be grown - like coffee beans, which are a key ingredient in coffee. In fact, Brazil is the top coffee exporter in the world!
Some places in Brazil with a Marine West Coast climate type most likely contribute to that achievement, as those places get cool water currents from the ocean which have a cooling effect on those places' weather so the weather isn't too harsh for the crops grown in those locations; the weather is "just right".
There is also the lush Guiana Highlands in northern Brazil where there is lots of vegetation, and crops can be grown there. Those highlands may be another reason why the accomplishment of "Top Coffee Exporter" was awarded to Brazil.
One type of coffee in Brazil is
cafe com leite
, which is just coffee with milk.

By Naomi Raicu
Partner 1
Brazilian Fact, and Tourist Attraction
Naomi Raicu
Interesting Brazilian Fact
In Brazil, there is lots of "cuisinal" diversity. In the different regions of Brazil, there are different popular foods. So each Brazilian region has its own "favorite" food. This is interesting because it shows that different parts of countries have different preferences.
Iguaçu Falls
One major tourist attraction in Brazil is Iguaçu Falls. Iguaçu Falls is a beautiful waterfall whose name means "great water". This attraction has spas, hotels, and resorts for sight-seers who stop by to see the falls. This tourist attraction is interesting because it is a beautiful natural landform with lots of things to do near to these falls.
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Thanks For Watching!
Any Questions?
Housing in Brazil
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Note: Some of the Prezi Art was used in my part of the presentation.
Because Brazil has almost the same income level as us, they have similar houses. This means that they have sturdy house to stand up to the weather they have. They may not have the same climate type as us, but they have sturdy houses to stand up to their own climate type.
In Brazil, the "OK" gesture is offensive.
Christ the redeemer is a very significant statue in Brazil. It is a big statue of Jesus Christ.
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Iguaçu Falls Picture
Above is a picture of Iguaçu Falls.
"OK Hand Sign."Emojipedia. Emojipedia, Web. 11 Dec 2014.
Brazil Trivia
Q: What is the name of the Brazilian tourist attraction (that is also a waterfall) mentioned in this Prezi?
Answer to Trivia Question
A: Iguaçu Falls!
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Trivia Question Answer
A: Iguaçu Falls!
Partner 1
By Naomi Raicu
Partner 1
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