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A Trip to New York

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of A Trip to New York

-For our trip to New york, we are going to put aside $100 for each day to spend on Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
TOTAL- $1000.00 Australian dollars spent on all meals.
- Brisbane to New York City
- Korean Air
- $4,897.30 for two people (Return)
Tourist attractions
- On our trip to New York, we would like to visit the following places: The Statue of Liberty, Empire State building and Central park.
- We chose a hotel in New York City called the the Marcel at Gramercy
- $2744 Australian dollars for two adults and we are staying there for 10 nights
Transport and Activities
- Big apple Helicopter tour- $199
- Bike rental through Central Park- $6
- New York Botanical gardens admission $20
- Hop on Hop off Bus tour $55
- Central park zoo- $12 per person
- Baltimore Orioles vs New York Yankees- $50.75 per person
- New York City subway pass (Metro pass- weekly)- $29 per person

TOTAL= $723.5
A Trip to New York
By Alex Dale and Sophie gibb
- Our task was to plan a trip to an overseas destination
- The vacation had to be 10 days long and we had a budget of $5,000.00 Australian dollars per person(We had to plan the trip for two people)
- In that budget, we had to make money for Flights, Accommodation, food, excursions, trips, activities, spending money, emergency money and passport costs
- Flights: $4897.30
- Accommodation: $2744.00
- Trips and Activities: $723.05
- Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: $1000.00
-Souvenirs: $300.00
- Emergency money: $300
- Anything you want money: $35.65
TOTAL- $10000.00
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