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Canterbury Tales: The Friar

No description

Scott Liermann

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Canterbury Tales: The Friar

THE FRIAR Works Cited By: Scott Liermann Warren Jeffs, Leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (otherwise known as the FLDS/Mormon Church). Has over 10,000 followers.
Had sex with many women and was said to have had approximately 80 wives at one point, 24 of which were under the age of 17. Has 60 kids.
Placed himself on a high pedestal and put his interests before the church.
Broke many laws and committed many sins.
Life time punishment for his crimes; life in prison. Modern Day Equivalent (Famous Person) Possible Reasons for Pilgrimage Blackest/Darkest/Most Sinister of all Friars who needed to change and start a new.
Committed 5 of the 7 Deadly Sins, they include (1) Pride, (2) Gluttony, (3) Lust, (4) Greed, and (5) Sloth.
Pay for his neglect to spiritual work and only thinking about himself; didn't think about the poor or the exiled, only himself.
Repent the crimes he committed against those that accepted him. Examples: Having people pay for his food so he would forgive them for their sins. Friar's Prologue Brief Summary Physical Qualities Friar was fluffy/chubby
Very white skin
Appears frail and harmless (False)
Seen by many as a great person (Ex. Doctor, Pope)
Feared by his brothers, nobody dared to cross him.
Two-Faced Spiritual Qualities Narrator Thoughts (Quotes) and Satire http://www.ca-missions.org/oldsite/davis.html
http://marriage.about.com/od/infamous/p/warrenjeffs.htm 1. "Hubert this gallant Friar was by name". Satire is used here because he calls the Friar gallant which means, "courteous: courteous and thoughtful, especially toward women". This is ironic as well due to the fact he got many women pregnant; paid men to marry women and performed ceremony as well.
2. "The barmaids and innkeepers pleased his mind. Better than beggars and lepers and their kind". Satire is used here because Chaucer says people at the taverns kept him happy more than the poor people, people he should have been helping. So he spent most of his time getting drunk and getting women when he should have been helping the poor, which is what his job was. Hubert was our dirty little friar who took advantage of his power and deceived others for his own benefit. He cared more about getting drunk and having sex with women than he cared about the poor and the exiled, which was what he was suppose to do as a friar. For him to forgive people's sins, he made them buy him dinner; lastly he gave women away after he got them pregnant, to men for marriage. Ironically he performed the marriages himself. Mental Qualities Smart
Viewed himself as pure and perfect (nothing wrong)
Thought he was better than others. Ex. Champion beggar of his entire brotherhood. 6-7 hours a day were spent on praying.
4 hours were spent with children, the elderly, the sick. Wtih kids they would usually teach them religion, music, language, games, etc.
2 hours were spent on eating (we do not know if they usually ate breakfast).
Approximately 2 hours were left for the Friars to relax, read, play cards, and socialize until bedtime which was at 9pm. Professional Qualities Performed marriages
Performed confessions
Suppose to be out begging for the poor and the lepers, but does it for himself instead.
Neglectful towards his duties as a Friar.
Ironically he was treated as if he were the Pope himself or a doctor.
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