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How to examine Art works-Introduction to the 4 Analytical Frameworks

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Megan Hunter

on 7 February 2015

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Transcript of How to examine Art works-Introduction to the 4 Analytical Frameworks

Writing about Art works
Vincent van Gogh
Painting, Oil on Canvas
Arles: January, 1889
Courtauld Institute Galleries
London, United Kingdom,
Europe, F: 527, JH: 1657
'Frameworks' are a way of analysing art works. The art frameworks consist of the Personal , the Formal, the Cultural and the Contemporary framework.
The Formal Framework is used to analyse how an artwork’s formal elements contribute to its
meanings and messages.
What materials were used? (media, technique, convention)
What signs or symbols were represented?
How has the artwork been organised? Look at focal point, foreground, background, perspective, view.
Compositional devices include the elements and principles of art and design

(VCAA, 2009)

Using the Frames
This framework investigates sources of inspiration and individual ideas as the basis developing artworks and exploring a wide range of materials/ techniques as tools for communicating ideas/observations/experiences through artmaking.Students explore/research ways in which artists reflect these experiences in their work.
'The Personal Framework
is used to shed light on how artworks can reflect an artist’s personal
feelings, thinking and life circumstances and how the viewer’s interpretations are influenced by
their life experiences'
(VCAA, 2009)
Artist Richard Hamilton
Year 1956
Type Collage
Dimensions 26 cm × 24.8 cm (10.25 in × 9.75 in)
Location Kunsthalle Tübingen, Tübingen
the cultural frame
The Cultural Framework is used to identify the influence on an artwork within the context of time and place in which it was made. Consider:
Street art, public art, art produced for festivals, newspaper cartoons, art prizes,curated exhibitions and performance art.
Think about the 'culture' of street art. Who makes it? What for? What type of imagery/messages/symbols are used?
Artworks can celebrate specific events, ideas or beliefs or
they can commemorate people, institutions and social movements.
Think about art made by Indigenous cultures. What is the significance for these groups? Think about it's purposes does it differ from the purposes of Western art for example.
(VCAA, 2009)
The contemporary Framework
Ai Weiwei's show at alcatraz
This Framework is used to interpret how contemporary ideas and issues influence the making, interpretation and analysis of artworks from both past and present.Consider for example:
How have contemporary art ideas/issues challenged traditional understandings of artworks and their significance?
How does the choice or presentation of subject matter or medium, materials and techniques reflect or challenge artistic or social traditions.
What about video, digital, projection, installation, interactive art in relation to object-based art viewed in museums and galleries? (VCAA, 2009)
So how do artists develop their ideas into artworks????
How is it made and what materials and techniques were used??
Check out thIs prezI: https://prezi.com/gbihsnzmhddq/signs-and-symbols/
also this one: https://prezi.com/ofp56holcrhu/art-elements-and-principles/
(Link opens in another window)
Unit 1:
Introduction of personal and formal frameworks
Unit 2:
Application of Formal Framework
and introduction of the Cultural Framework
Unit 3:
Application of Personal, Formal and Cultural Frameworks and the Introduction of the Contemporary Framework
Unit 4:
Select Frameworks to further Interpret Meanings and Messages in Artworks to substantiate Discussions
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