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COSTA coffee

No description

Jiebin Lin

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of COSTA coffee

background of
costa coffee
vision and mission of costa
the weakness of costa
the opportunity of costa
costa coffee
background of costa
costa coffee is a coffee house based in the UK, established in 1971, in 1995 costa became a subsidiary of Whitbread plc
It operates 2861 stores across 30 countries.
today costa is the largest and fastest growing coffee shop chain in the UK.
famous for its unique style of slow-roasting coffee brewed.
VISION: to be recognised as the Coffee Shop Chain.
MISSION: to save the world from mediocre coffee
PURPOSE: to deliver an unbeatable Coffee Experience.
BRAND PROMISE: We make it Better ! !
costa has its own Roastery-ensure
quality of coffee
costa coffee club card-focusing on customers loyalty
special training for barista-has own training academy.
continuous growth- becoming market leader
since 1971
operates globally-but only in relatively few countries worldwide
franchise store-difficult to control to maintain brand standard.
limited range cold drinks- new product help to address this issue.
low quality
high quality
developing products such as cold drinks
entry far east- hot weather countries provide opportunity to extend the cold drink area.
Political problems in the countries where the company operate
Emerging new technology- effect the costa' ability to adopt it quickly.
intense competition-developing new drink means imitate recipe more quickly.
Costa has been a very successful company, through innovative ideas and persistent slow-growth it has gained a competitive advantage.
Costa coffee has beyond the starbucks coffee in 2010 and become the largest chain of coffee shop

http://www.slideshare.net/archibiswas costa-11172451

group A3
Man tung Chow
Jiebin lin
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